"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

A Family Prayer For The Morning

  By J. R. Miller

    O God, as the morning has risen upon us, may the Sun of righteousness also rise upon us.  Chase away the shadows of darkness from us, and may we be light in the Lord.  Enable us to put off all the works of darkness, whatever belongs to the old evil nature, and to put on the garments of light, doing the works of the day and not of the night.  May our light shine before men, that seeing us, they may glorify You.

    We desire to grow in grace.  As the deer pants after the water-brooks, so our souls long after You.  Our souls thirst for God, for the living God.  Nothing else will satisfy them.  This world has in it nothing to meet the needs of our immortal spiritual natures.  Let us not try to feed ourselves on that which is not bread – but may we learn to bring all our needs to You who alone can satisfy them.

    We come to You to begin the day – that we may have Your blessing upon it.  Nothing is complete without You.  As the flowers need the dew and the sunshine to make them fragrant – so do our lives need Your blessing to make them truly happy.  Lay Your hand upon our heads as we bow before You.  Direct our feet in all the day’s paths.  We want to carry out Your plan, not our own.  Order our steps in Your Word.  Give us our work as we go on.  Help us to be truthful, honest, and diligent in all our words and conduct.

    We go out now in our Savior’s name, and we ask You to take us and use us to do Your will and to bless others.  We ask all for Jesus’ sake.  Amen.

    – Taken from Family Prayers.