"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279 

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I have just received my third mailing of Herald of His Coming.  I am not sure how I began to receive your publication…however, I am eternally grateful.  It is wonderful to open the paper and read encouragement to press in, challenge to get and remain pure, incentive to share God’s love, and have a time of “fellowship” with the older fathers of the faith.  Such marvelous, strong, uncompromising doctrine.  True living water to this thirsty soul.  Living in Israel has many challenges as a Jewish believer in Y’shua, but the advantage is knowing that I have a “front row” seat to the End Time Battle and our King’s return.  The writings in the Herald help me maintain perspective and give me strength.  Thank you. 


    Over the past year my adopted mother and prayer partner has been giving me a copy of Herald of His Coming which I look forward to each month.  The words are thought-provoking, soul-searching and soul-refreshing.  May God continue to bless you all as you continue to work for Him.

    Another writes:  Thank you for so faithfully sending me Herald of His Coming.  I am blessed as I read the anointed messages and I look forward to the next issue.

    And another:  Herald of His Coming has always been a great blessing and encouragement to us as a Christian family – my brothers (who are now with the Lord) and my sister who is 100 years old and still a prayer warrior!  May the Lord continue to bless all at the Herald.  Jesus is coming soon! 


    Herald of His Coming is spiritual nourishment which God has used to transform the lives of many people I have shared it with.  It is timely and Spirit-breathed. 


    “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you” (Phil 1:3).  I love to read Herald of His Coming and I am just as glad to share my copies.  God has used the Herald to bless hearts and lives, to encourage and to challenge Christians all over the world.  I am enclosing a little offering. 


     I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who is coming soon!  I enjoy reading Herald of His Coming.  It inspires me and helps me grow in my Christian life.  Please do not remove me from the mailing list. 


    Oyo State:  Herald of His Coming is not an ordinary paper, but spiritual food for the heaven conscious believer.  I shall be very happy if you would renew my name on the mailing list.

    Anambra State:  Herald of His Coming has been a blessing to me.  I thank God for the kind of messages I receive through the paper.  They are messages from the heart of God and my prayer is that God will continue to bless this ministry.

    Ekiti State:  I started receiving Herald of His Coming about fifteen years ago.  They helped nourish my spiritual life immensely as a young convert.  After a while I stopped receiving them, but now I would like to be back on the mailing list.  If there was ever a time I needed revival in my life, it is now.  Please mail the Herald to my new address.   


    I want to sincerely express my ocean of thanks to Herald of His Coming.  I am deeply blessed by the messages of the different articles.  May God the Creator of heaven and earth give His divine blessing to you all.

    Another writes:  Thank you for sending the blessed paper, Herald of His Coming.  I have benefited spiritually for many years.  Please keep up the ministry and remember your service is not in vain. 


    Herald of His Coming is a wonderful Christian newspaper of Bible truth. 


    I am very grateful to you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  The articles contained therein build my faith, help me better understand the Word of God and give me a vision of the great works that the Lord is doing in different countries.  I feel I am a part of the large family of God.  The articles written by men of God from past centuries, centered on the person of Jesus, are great.  Thank you, again.  God bless you constantly. 


    Herald of His Coming is the only solid teaching available to our small group of disciples of Jesus Christ.  The Herald strengthens us and gives us the boldness to go out on the streets to proclaim the Second Coming to believers and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified to a dying world.  We are a group who truly believe in the necessity of intercession and spiritual warfare to penetrate lukewarm believers and unbelievers, and we get much encouragement to persevere in this way from Herald of His Coming.     


    I want to express my gratitude for my monthly copy of Herald of His Coming.  The contents of the Herald have helped promote my spiritual life and of those I minister to.  The precious teachings have also greatly enhanced my prayer life.  Thank you.

    Another writes:  I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the messages I get through Herald of His Coming.  I am not the only one that is blessed as I have passed the paper on to many people who are also blessed by it.  Keep up the good work you are doing.

    And another:  The students of the ­pastor’s training course have been happy to receive copies of Herald of His Coming.  We like the way the Bible is handled.  The articles are very educational and helpful to us in preaching and also in parts of the training.  Please continue sending us the Herald. 


    Thank you so much for the messages in Herald of His Coming that testify of Jesus and are faithful to the Word of God in this dark time.  The moral compass in our once great land has sunk to new lows, but the witness in the Herald for the truth is truly a voice in the wilderness.  


    Herald of His Coming is truly a blessing.  I look forward to each new paper every month.  I have used some of the articles as a base for messages I give here in prison.  I will be sending a change of address as I am soon to be released.  Please accept these stamps as a gift to the ministry. 


    Keep on spreading the Gospel through Herald of His Coming.  I have enjoyed them and shared them with others.  I have some of the old copies from the 1970s.  I still reach back and read them and still get blessed because the message of the Gospel never gets old. 


    I have read Herald of His Coming since I was a teenager – I am 71 years old now!  The messages have never been better!  I pray for an increase in daily strength for all the staff and deep wells of encouragement.  You are doing a very important job.  God bless you. 


    I have been blessed by Herald of His Coming.  I have received a lot of spiritual benefits and rich resources of the Word.  The paper has helped me to prepare sermons, teach the youth as well as adults.  It touches every part of our lives and encourages us to be faithful laborers in the kingdom of God. 


    I do not know how many times the articles in Herald of His Coming have been exactly what I needed!  It happened again this month – the Lord used messages in the Herald to comfort and encourage me.  I was so strengthened by the reminder that my trials are monitored by God and if I have my eyes on Him and His truth, I will make it through and come forth as gold.  How I praise God for His faithfulness! 


    I enjoy reading Herald of His Coming.  It always lifts my spirit.  My eyes light up when I see that envelope in the mail.  You are all encouragers in and of the faith.  I pray that all the Herald’s efforts on the Lord’s behalf continue to be blessed.

    Another writes:  I am always so blessed that the articles in Herald of His Coming are true to the Word of God and not watered down – we know our Lord has not changed.  I am also blessed to see God’s provision for the advancement of eternal things through the Herald.  It is a light in this dark world.