"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

The Soul Winner Must Pray

  By R. A. Torrey

    The one who would have real success in bringing men to Christ must pray much.  Solid work in soul winning must be accompanied by prayer at every step.

    We must pray God to lead us to the right persons to approach.  God does not intend that we speak to every one we meet.  If we try to do it, we will waste much valuable time in speaking to those whom we cannot help. We might have used that time in speaking to those to whom we could have done much good.  God alone knows the one to whom He intends us to speak, and we must ask Him to point him out to us and expect Him to do it (Acts 8:29).

    We must pray God to show us just what to say to those to whom He leads us.  After all our study of the passages to be used in dealing with the various classes of men, we shall need God’s guidance in each specific case.  Every experienced worker will testify to the many instances in which God has led him to use some text of Scripture that he would not other­wise have used but which proved to be just the one needed.

    We must pray God to give power to that which He has given us to say.  We need not only a message from God, but power from God to send the message home.  Most workers have to learn this lesson by humiliating experiences.  They sit down beside an unsaved man and reason and plead and bring forth texts from the Word of God, but the man does not accept Christ.  At last it dawns upon them that they are trying to convert the man in their own strength, and then they lift a humble and earnest prayer to God for His strength.  God hears and in a short time this “very difficult case” has settled the matter and is rejoicing in Christ.

    We must pray God to carry on the work after our work has come to an end.  After having done that which seems to have been our whole duty in any given instance, whatever may have been the apparent issue of our work, whether successful or unsuccessful, we should definitely commit the case to God in prayer.

    If there is anything the average worker in this hurrying age needs to have impressed upon him, it is the necessity of more prayer.  By praying more we will not work any less and we will accomplish vastly more.