"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    Yes!  Please!  Please!  We need more and more copies of Herald of His Coming for a lot of souls are in need of the knowledge of the Word of God.  Amen!  We will never, never, ever forget about you in our prayers and fastings. Therefore blessed be both great and small....

    Another writes:  Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming every month.  I am very blessed and refreshed in my spirit when I read the messages.  The Herald helps me on how to pray without losing hope.  It gives me detailed information about challenges other fellow Christians are encountering.  May the unfailing love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ embrace you all. 


    I would like to request you to please continue sending me Herald of His Coming.  I receive a challenge from each issue to keep on trusting the Lord no matter what.  Every issue contains a rebuke or reproof to not give up especially when it seems God is not listening to your prayer.  Please be assured of my prayerful support for what the Lord is doing through the Herald. 


    I am so grateful to God for using Herald of His Coming to inspire and encourage us.  Every issue that I receive blesses me and encourages me to draw closer to God even more.  May the almighty God grant you His blessings as you minister and bless us.

    Another writes:  Praise the Lord!  I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for several years now.  I greatly appreciate the wonderful messages.  They have been of great spiritual edification to me and those I share with.  I have learned much about prayer and Christian growth.

    And another:  I have been a reader of Herald of His Coming since 1994 while I was in high school.  Herald materials have been food for my soul and I have grown spiritually.  I am now a pastor and I still use the materials.  I have learned how to pray, cry for revival and to understand more about the Holy Spirit.  Please never stop sending the Herald to me. 


    Greetings in Jesus our Lord and Savior and soon coming King!  Thank you so much for consistently sending me Herald of His Coming.  As always the messages are timely, reflecting the hour we are living in.  I am heartened by the encouragement to pray.  These are truly the days of Elijah and we really need to pray like he did – not just for rain, but to usher in the kingdom of God.  Please continue the good work.

    Another writes:  I am writing to thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming over the last year or so.  The articles have built me up and encouraged me enormously in my faith and my walk with the Lord.  Please continue to send me the Herald, and may I please ask you to send me two extra copies each month.

    And another:  I cannot thank you enough for the teaching, encouragement and focus Herald of His Coming gives me.  I really look forward to receiving these editions, which are putting new vitality into my walk with the Lord, and teaching me how to use the gifts He has given me.  God bless you all. 


    I thank and praise God that I am receiving Herald of His Coming.  I share it with other believers in my country and I share the spiritual knowledge with our church through teaching.  The October 2016 issue came at the right time with good teaching of our position in the Lord.  I shared what I read with a few believers and one man told me that I gave him the right word at the right time.  Please continue to send me the Herald.  It helps me spiritually and makes me hungry for the Word of God. 


    Herald of His Coming has helped me a lot with my walk with the Lord.  It has also been a great help in our Friday night family devotions.  So please do continue to send the Herald.  My prayers are always with you. 


    I would like to express my thanks and deep appreciation to Herald of His Coming for blessing me all these years.  Every issue of the Herald is a blessing and reading the articles is a real feast for my soul.  I enclose herewith a gift to the ministry with a prayer that the Lord will multiply it with many, many more cheerful givers to meet the need of even more readers.   


    FCT State:  I came across Herald of His Coming in the early 1990s.  The articles were soul-lifting, enriching and always brought revival to my soul (whosoever the brethren God is using, I pray for more of His anointing, and wisdom).  I lost contact with the Herald when I got married and prayed that I would get reconnected.  Incidentally, I was looking for a document in my family library when I came across some of the old issues of the Herald.  It was like I had won a prize!  This led me to search for your address.  Please keep up the good work....

    Oyo State:  I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for over two decades.  It has been a great benefit to me as a student of the Word and as a teacher by the help of the Holy Spirit.  I am still very much interested in receiving the monthly edition of the paper....  Please add my associate pastor to the mailing list.

    Anambra State:  We have been benefiting from ten copies of Herald of His Coming every month and we are very appreciative.  The messages contain tremendous spiritual enrichment including deep understanding of the Scriptures, renewing and strengthening our hearts, stimulating people to seek the Lord and to pursue our relationship with Him.  Every month we are on the lookout for the arrival of Herald of His Coming....  We pray continually that our gracious Father will continue to bless and encourage His labor in your hands for receiving and for giving out as we work together for winning precious souls for the extension of God’s kingdom. 


    I just wanted to say thank you so much for this publication!  Herald of His Coming is such a blessed resource to have, receive and read.  Thank you for making this available throughout the world....  I especially love that you include biographical selections among all the wonderful articles.  With limited bookstores and hard copy resources here, this is an answer to prayer.  It's a treasure. 


    Thank you, Herald of His Coming, for inspiring, encouraging, teaching and leading deeper into the saving grace of our soon coming King! 


    I don’t know that I can over emphasize what Herald of His Coming has been to me – encouragement, inspiration, a great help in prayer....  I am so happy to share a little after all I have received. 


    I am re-reading my previous Herald of His Coming issues and when I do, I always discover something helpful I have missed the first time around.  Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list....  My prayers are with you. 


    Herald of His Coming has been a source of blessing to me for over 30 years.  Many a time God has used it to stir the revival fires in my heart and the heart of my husband who is a pastor.  Now our son is a pastor and his heart, too, cries for revival in these days.  Please add him to the mailing list.  I know God will use the Herald to encourage and bless him. 


    I have been getting a copy of Herald of His Coming for over a year now and have been very much encouraged and challenged by the contents.  I would like to share it with other leaders in our church so that earnest, faith-filled prayer would increase.  If possible, please send ten copies each month.  Thank you.... 


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming faithfully providing timely, encouraging articles.  Coupled with the Holy Spirit, with each issue we are stirred to more love for Jesus, more prayer and more service.  May the Lord continue to bless you and lead you in sharing the thoughts and words of saints who stand and have stood in the battle. 


    Herald of His Coming brings abundant encouragement in these last days.  The messages always draw me closer to the Lord Jesus.  They fill my life with hope, joy, peace and greater appreciation for so great a salvation.  May the Lord bless and keep you all.  Maranatha.