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July/August 2017 Issue
The Lost Agony For Souls
By H. C. Van Wormer

The Lord’s Heart And Power To Save
By Rich Carmicheal

Biblical Reasons For Every Christian To Evangelize
By Alan Furst

Evangelism With A Passion
By Morris Chalfant

How Long Dare We Go On Without Tears?
By J. Allen Thompson

The Spirit’s Power Is Indispensable
By S. A. Keen

Give Us Thy Tears, Lord!
By Horatius Bonar

Fire From On High!
By William Arthur

How To Win Others For Christ
The Soul Winner Must Pray
By R. A. Torrey

Stories From A Faithful Witness
By Irene Hanley

Evangelism Begins At Home
From Hospital Boat To Robbers’ Den (Part 4)
By Oswald J. Smith

“Lift Up Your Eyes And Look On The Fields”
By Lois J. Stucky

News And Prayer Briefs
Out Of Mail Box 279