"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    We really appreciate Herald of His Coming which has such rich contents for people who are hungry for God.  You are in our prayers. 


    The monthly issues of Herald of His Coming keep getting better and better.  There is always a message for me to help me grow more in Christ Jesus.  My life is being changed daily as I apply what I read and study in the paper.  Keep on doing the great work.  May the Lord find you faithful at His Coming. 


    Our church has passed through severe hardship these past years.  But the Lord who never fails, who never changes, used this adversity to draw us closer to Him.  During this period of trial Herald of His Coming was a formidable source of encouragement.  It helped immensely.  Please send more.

    Another writes:  I am thankful for all the Herald of His Coming issues I have received so far.  I have not remained the same and I have been encouraged, strengthened, uplifted, enlightened, nurtured, and mentored in the things of God.  I am thankful for the emphasis on holiness….  Pass my vote of thanks to all who pray for this ministry, give their money, and those who work at the office. 


    Thank you for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming.  It thrills me when it is brought in from the post.  I’m excited even before opening it.  It is like bread from heaven every time I receive it.  I read the messages over and over – so restoring and refreshing, like cold water to my thirsty soul. 


    Oyo State:  It gives me great delight to write you expressing my immense gratitude to God Almighty for the spiritual benefits I receive from Herald of His Coming.  The Holy Spirit-inspired, power-packed articles have motivated me to holiness and purity of heart, to be more consecrated and dedicated in God’s vineyard with a consciousness of the imminent return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

    Enugu State:  Herald of His Coming means a lot to me.  It is very instructive, enlightening and reviving to me.  I am also thankful to be able to distribute the paper.  There is no one who reads it that doesn’t enjoy it and thank God for its good results in his or her life.  I praise God for all the workers and donors who are a part of the Herald ministry.  Thank you all and remain victorious.

    Anambra State:  I thank God for what He is doing through Herald of His Coming....  The messages have helped restore my zeal and first love for Christ and my prayer life.  I would be happy to continue receiving the Herald regularly and have extra copies to share with my friends and others.     


    Thank you so much for Herald of His Coming.  As a pastor and follower of Jesus, I so enjoy and appreciate each ­article.  I have been built up in faith and zeal.  May the Lord bless you. 


    For the past 40 years I have read Herald of His Coming.  The messages are still as heart-penetrating as they were in years past....  I would like to continue receiving it all my life.  May God help us all to run this race to the end until Jesus returns. 


    I received Herald of His Coming several years ago but moved so many times that I lost track of it.  I would like to be placed back on the mailing list.  The ­paper was always such a blessing to me and ­carried such anointing.  I am a teacher of the Word of God overseeing two churches.  I would like to be receiving 20 copies to pass on to help others.

    Another writes:  I am grateful for the Herald of His Coming that I receive each month.  The messages have greatly transformed my life and ministry.  I distribute the three extra copies I receive to my friends who have developed a great appetite for more.  One copy is shared among several people so please increase the number of copies you send me to 15 papers.   


    It is always such a blessing to receive Herald of His Coming.  We, God’s children, need so much strengthening in these changing times and the Herald is a great help in this....  I pray God’s blessings on you all.


    Thanks so much for sending Herald of His Coming.  I value it very much.  It has helped me a lot in my Bible study lessons.


    I appreciate Herald of His Coming so much.  It has been a huge blessing and encouragement for my spiritual growth. 


    Thank you so much for sending Herald of His Coming to me.  I think the articles are superb – really meaty, feeding the soul.

    Another writes:  It is with real thankfulness that I write to say that I have been so very blessed by Herald of His Coming.  I read it, re-read it and then pass on the good news.

    And another:  Thank you so much for continuing to send Herald of His Coming to me.  It is food for thought, always encouraging and challenging.  The messages are good reading and teach truth from the Word of God.  When I’ve read it, I pass it on for others to read and benefit from it. 


    I have been reading Herald of His Coming since around 1990.  I have collected most of the past copies because they are a treasure to me.  I have used its contents to share the wonderful truth of our wonderful God with others.  The ­articles of the Herald have helped me greatly in my walk with the Lord and in striving to put God first in my life. 


    I am very thankful for the monthly Herald of His Coming.  I enjoy reading the messages and I use them to teach ­others who need it.  I am growing ­stronger as I continue to study God’s Word.  As a member of the Herald Prayer Force, please continue to send me the prayer updates. 


    May our great God richly bless Herald of His Coming.  The issues are read cover to cover, over and over!  Thanks and know that we share each copy (in whole or part) with many! 


    I would like to receive Herald of His Coming.  It is a cup of cool water in these troubling times, yet also a stirring fire.


    The articles in Herald of His Coming are always inspiring.  They revive me again and again.  They are chock full of Scripture.  The inspiration I get from reading and meditating on the messages fills my cup.  Please keep praying for the salvation of my family.


    Thank you for the anointed, inspiring messages in Herald of His Coming.  There is so much compromise of the Word of God these days, and I believe it is a sign of the times.  Jesus is coming soon and we must be watching and expecting.... 


    Herald of His Coming blesses me so much.  Since 2002, since I first started receiving the paper, not one copy has been thrown away.  I have them all.  They still remain a blessing to me.  Thank you so very much....  You are in our prayers.


    I am writing to thank you for the wonderful publication.  Herald of His Coming has truly been a most important help to my study and understanding of God’s Word.   


    I have really been encouraged by the messages in Herald of His Coming.  The articles on holiness and spiritual service to God cut me to the heart….  I have a deeper awareness of my own sin and a desire to grow in God.  Please keep me on the mailing list. 


    Thank you for the messages that inspire, educate, prick our hearts and cause us to want more of God and deeper intimacy with Him that He so desires.  I thank God for Herald of His Coming and for the articles that help me to know more about Him and to appreciate what He has done for us.  I am discovering the depths of His love, forgiveness and power for living a life that brings glory and honor to Him.