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We Are Not A Praying Church

  By James E. Rich

    When was the last time your church waited upon God in prayer?

    Where today is the hour of prayer by the congregation before the evangelistic service?  Where are the all-night prayer meetings?  Or even the quarter nights of prayer?

    We work feverishly in promotion and planning.  We attend workshops, seminars and committee meetings, but we do not pray.  We are not a praying church.  We are not praying preachers and people.

    I do not mean that we have lost our religion or that we do not still pray with the family, in the Sunday school class and in public.  But in a decade no one has said to me, “Let’s slip off to some quiet place and spend the morning in prayer” – nor have I made that suggestion to others.

    Yet I have spent all night traveling in a cramped car.  I have spent hours in every type of committee meeting, in recreation, in banquet and in going to church.

    I am convicted of my own sinful prayerlessness.  May God have mercy on me.

    I repent.  I turn to a life of prayer.  May God make me a man of prayer.  May God also awaken you to prayer.

    This is the hour to pray.  Did not Jesus say, “Watch ye therefore, and pray always…” (Luke 21:36)? 

    – From The Herald of Hope, Australia.