"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Christ In The Home!

   By Gipsy Smith (1860 – 1947) 

    What kind of impression does your home-life give to your children?  You cannot teach them what you do not know!  You cannot give them what you do not possess!  If you have an empty cupboard, you cannot provide food for your child.  If you, yourself, are not right with God, you cannot influence your child Godward.

    It is home instruction that determines what your boys and girls will be.  The devil will try to get at your child soon enough.  Guard him as long as you possibly can.  Lead him to Christ.  Teach him to look to Christ.  Your success in this direction will depend upon your own character, your own communion, your own standing before God, and your example and teaching.

    You will be more likely to win your children for God and good if you are right yourselves.  I know that discipleship needs courage and moral backbone.  It means taking up your cross.  It means becoming patient and gentle and tender and loving because there is the royal road to victory over self and over moral weakness and sin.  For the sake of your babies, your boys and girls, your position and influence in the home, the city and the church, let Jesus Christ fill your life.  Be wholly consecrated to His service.  Tell Him that He shall have one life true to Him, that your time, your talents, your mind, body and soul, shall be His.  Tell Him that – and now!

    Stand by that promise!  Whatever happens, stand by it.  If you will do that, you will win out, for faithfulness and loyal devotion will have its abundant reward.  I do not care how difficult your task may be, or how hard your life may be, if you are true to Jesus Christ, you will win a great reward, and win those you love.  Believe me, it is the home life that tells.  It is the influence of home that leads boys and girls to decide for Christ.  The home is the sanctuary of the soul as well as of the body. 

    Give yourselves to God.  Let Him protect and guide you.  The only way to go through life safely is to go through it with God.  One of the most beautiful words in the English language is that little word “Home!”  A real home is where love is, where peace is, where joy is, where God is.  A home without Christ in it is like a grate without a fire in it on a cold day.

     See to it that Christ is the cornerstone of your house, that His altar is on your threshold, that His service is your delight.  Then you will raise up sons and daughters who will live to bless you.  And in the day of many surprises, when you have left this earthly home for one of the many mansions, you will find them there – safe, happy, restored, united, and with not one absent.