"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    Please be encouraged to continue the anointed publication of Herald of His Coming.  I am blessed with every issue as are the dear ones I share it with.  Quite often we use it for our weekly Bible study and prayer in our homes.  Just yesterday we shared “The Chief End Of Prayer” by Andrew Murray from the September issue.  Thank you so much for the commitment to Jesus Christ and the mission to share the Gospel.

    Another writes:  God bless Herald of His Coming for its labor of love in His vineyard and harvest fields for His glory, for the building up of His kingdom and for the encouragement of believers!


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming regularly.  It has been spiritually beneficial.  May the Lord bless the ministry.


    I take this opportunity to give glory to the Lord and our Savior for Herald of His Coming.  I have relocated from my former station.  I must confess for having missed a lot from the Herald [since I have moved] which had been a great challenge to my personal life – talk of prayers, revivals and news of other nations.  I have lost touch.  I want to keep moving in prayer and the Word. 

    I am now pastoring a village church in a remote center.  Though it is a small congregation, we are seeing God moving us forward, building us and strengthening us each day.  Many preachers target big cities for the big crowds, fame and prestige and leave the countryside neglected.  So we have decided to help poor peasant farmers to know the Master, for God cares for them.  Please include me back on the mailing list at my new address.  Herald of His Coming will be a great encouragement to me and of help to us in this part of the country.   


    I have been a reader of Herald of His Coming for more than 15 years and I am indebted to this Spirit-filled ministry.  Please keep me on the mailing list.  I am praying for you.

    Another writes:  I thank you very much for sending me Herald of His Coming.  I am very much blessed by reading it.  I have been unable to donate, but one thing I do is to pray for this wonderful service to the Lord.  May God bless you.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming monthly.  The messages in the Herald are timely, anointed and life-­impacting.  Thank you for the wake-up call to return to our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our Lord is coming soon, therefore let us keep our lamps trimmed and extra oil ready.  May God bless, enable, anoint and continually provide for the ministry.

    Another writes:  I find Herald of His Coming very inspiring and cannot wait to start reading it as soon as I receive it.  Thank you for the diligent work in spreading such uplifting articles and furthering the kingdom of God.  May the Lord bless you and keep you.


    Niger State:  I appreciate regularly receiving Herald of His Coming.  The issues have been a blessing to me and to those in the university chapel where I worship.  I receive several copies that I distribute to elders and some students in the church.  They are always happy to receive them. 

    Cross River State:  I appreciate Herald of His Coming and the good work the Lord is doing through it in this end time.  I am so happy to tell you how this heaven-sent paper has helped to revive my spiritual life.  As I read the messages, I am uplifted.  Also as I go out to evangelize I use the Herald as a teaching tool.  I have shared Herald of His Coming with my co-pastors and they like the messages as well. 


    Herald of His Coming is such an inspiration.  Thank you for keeping the true Gospel message alive in our very difficult culture.

    And another:  Thank you for the wonderful messages in Herald of His Coming about the Word of God, revival and prayer which is so vital to our life.  I look forward to receiving it. 


    I have received Herald of His Coming for many years and it has always been a blessing to me and my family.  I have found joy in sharing these amazing and anointed papers with others, and oh what an impact it has had on our people here.  This past week I took many copies to some remote rural areas where the Gospel has not reached people and the Herald was a great tool as we evangelized the area.  Please keep on sending this paper as it is doing more than you can imagine.  And please keep praying for our ­people here and our efforts to win many for Christ.  Nothing but Jesus Christ alone can save people from eternal doom.


    I want to thank you for the great blessing in receiving and reading Herald of His Coming.  The subjects are encouraging and lead us to follow in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Every time I receive the Herald I read it with great joy and thankfulness.  Keep up the good work.  God bless you all. 


    Thank you so much for sending me Herald of His Coming faithfully all these years.  I get so excited when I read all the messages and know I have brothers and sisters all over the world who experience the same blessing.  We have a glorious future ahead, but there is a lot of work to be done before the Lord comes back.  I am eighty years old and my eyesight is not so good so it is difficult for me to read.  I give the Herald to a faithful sister in the church and she passes it on to other brethren.


    I thank you for the wonderful messages in Herald of His Coming that have strengthened me spiritually.  I read the articles over and over again.  Each time I do I get new insights and strength.  Please keep my name on the mailing list.  I always pray for you – for God’s provision, sustenance and expansion of the Herald of His Coming ministry. 


    I am so thankful for Herald of His Coming.  I moved from the city to a village where I am now working.  I have longed for something that could keep me moving, alive and challenged in the Lord since I no longer have access to Christian gatherings and audios.  The Herald publication has filled that gap and I am so thankful. 


    Thank you for the continuous supply of Herald of His Coming.  It indeed deepens my relationship with God.  The articles are so timely and powerful that equip me to do the assignments I receive from the Lord.


    I cannot express to you enough just what Herald of His Coming means to me and my daily walk with the Lord.  I only wish that I could save every article but we are not allowed to save papers (here in this prison).  But I take what I need, and the Lord feeds me through the messages and testimonies.  I pray for you all every day.  I truly appreciate all of you and what you do.  The Spirit of God ministers to me through the Herald.  Thank you for reminding me to keep pressing through.


    Thank you for all the great and inspiring articles in Herald of His Coming.  They really help revive my soul and keep me focused on the mission Christ gave all believers – to go and tell the whole world of Jesus.


    I truly have appreciated and benefited from the anointed articles in Herald of His Coming.  The revival messages and those on prayer have helped me to pray more fervently, with a burdened heart, not just lip praying.  I have passed some articles on to others hoping it would stir their hearts. 


    I want to tell you how much Herald of His Coming has encouraged me.  I am not anything great but I do love the Lord and I am willing to sacrifice to help others to see the way and to walk in holiness.  I’m going to do all I can, while I can.