"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  I am blessed by the inspiring messages on the printed page.  We continue to pray for a great move of God to work in the hearts of believers to pray for a worldwide revival and to see a great harvest of souls won for God’s kingdom.

    Another writes:  Just a note to say thanks for the quality articles in Herald of His Coming.  ...They both challenge me and assist me with my struggling prayer life.

    And another:  I was living in Eritrea where there is much persecution and where churches are closed and worshiping openly is prohibited.  That is where I got the Herald for the first time from a friend 13 years ago.  I started reading it and devoured it like a hungry person.  It was the only means of spiritual nurture for me.  It built my walk with the Lord ever closer and He used the Herald to get His Word to me.  I have now moved to Canada…and I wish to keep my contact with you. 


    I really appreciate Herald of His Coming.  It is a blessing for me and is very useful for my ministry.  Please continue sending the paper to me. 


    It is with great joy that I pen you these lines.  I am truly blessed by the printed word in the Herald.  As I read the articles I am built up spiritually and strengthened in my Christian walk.  I also give them out to help others on the way. 


    I have been tremendously blessed by Herald of His Coming over the years.  I have had a real prayer revival in my life due to the Holy Spirit working through the messages in the paper.  Please send me a copy of the Herald’s daily prayer guide. 


    I thank God for all the wonderful and Spirit-filled messages that Herald of His Coming brings to me.  It has been a great help to me and my prayer group.  We use it for an indepth study of God’s Word.  We have seen more and more mature in faith. 


    I am writing on behalf of my father.  He wants to let you know that he is an ardent reader of Herald of His Coming and that he would love to continue receiving the newspaper.  His friend also loves the paper, and he too wants to receive it regularly. 


    I am blessed to receive Herald of His Coming and I pray that God would use me in passing on the blessing I have from the messages contained in the journals. 


    Please continue to send Herald of His Coming to me.  It is a real blessing to read it.  It builds me up and helps me to continue looking up to the Lord. 


    Thank you for sending me the Herald.  I have learned so much pertaining to prayer and the Holy Spirit, and I have made tremendous steps in my spiritual growth.  Please continue with the good work.

    Another writes:  I am a pastor and Herald of His Coming has helped me in knowing the deep truth of the Word of God, in encouragement and in warnings.  I look forward to continuing to receive this blessed paper.

    And another:  When I first started receiving the Herald I was a young pastor who was not grounded by the Word and prayer.  Now I am a stronger pastor and a bishop over sixty churches.  I thank God for the ministry of Herald of His Coming which has been a blessing to my soul.  I request that you send me extra copies of the paper monthly so I may share them with the pastors I am overseeing. 


    I started receiving Herald of His Coming by mail in 1986 when I was a new born-again young man.  Now I am a pastor and able to read the Herald online – these editions are a treasure!  Keep up the good work. 


    Ondo State:  Please do not exclude me from the mailing list.  The Herald of His Coming is the only magazine that I have access to and it has always been a source of blessing to me.  It refreshes my soul, especially in these days of famine of the Word.  It has been a tool that God has been using to strengthen my prayer life.

    Enugu State:  I am writing this letter with a deep appreciation for the monthly Herald of His Coming.  I always pass it to other thirsty souls eagerly waiting to read and pray it in.  The Heralds are truly gems and they have been a source of encourage­ment to me and many others too.  It is like heavenly manna in what is much of a ­spiritual wilderness with no fresh springs. 


    I enjoy and get revived with every ­issue of Herald of His Coming.  I also share it with others and it has been an essential discipleship tool I have used in the past couple of years. 

    Another writes:  I would like my name to remain on the mailing list of Herald of His Coming.  Removing it would be like a power cut off.  We use the material for Sunday School and church members get time to read them. 


    Today, as I write to you, I give God thanks for Herald of His Coming.  Words cannot explain how much I am blessed, as well as my friends whom I am sharing copies of the paper.  I welcome every package I receive.  The sermons, prayers, exhortations are well-balanced and deep in the scriptural truths of God’s Word.  We are truly growing and maturing as witnesses of our Lord and Savior…and drawing closer in our intimate relationship with Him.  My pastor is also sharing with us as I always make sure he receives a copy. 


    Thank you so much for the Heralds.  The messages are timely.  Two of the ­pastors I share them with can hardly wait to receive them.  The articles on prayer have been extremely helpful to me and I have now begun leading a weekly prayer group in my church. 


    Reading Herald of His Coming has shown me how lukewarm I have become and how my prayer life has declined to where I do not really know how to pray.  It has caused me to examine myself and to press in to the Lord.  It has rekindled a spark in me to want more of God and less of me.


    My name was turned in by a friend.  I am thankful for that.  I enjoy reading Herald of His Coming and using its teachings in my Bible study class. 


    Thank you for the Herald.  The articles are encouraging and minister to my heart.  I am very thankful for the faithful saints that have gone on, but are still ministering from their testimony of God’s faithfulness on the printed page. 


    Thank you for the monthly encouragement that comes by way of the Herald of His Coming newspaper.  I find that as a pastor the paper gives me a spiritual “booster shot.” 


    The Herald of His Coming is a continued blessing to me and my friends.  We appreciate its consistency, dedication and love for the Lord and that its messages do not deviate from the purity of God’s Word. 


    The Herald articles are very inspiring.  My spirit is revived and I find boldness to share the Word.

    Another writes:  I cherish each copy of Herald of His Coming I receive and devour it as soon as it arrives.  Then I pass it on to other men of God in our prison and when we gather, we discuss each article and enjoy it all over again.  Thank you very much. 


    I am so grateful for the Herald.  To me it is still the old time Gospel message, not tainted with the spirit of the age.  I have shared it with a pastor friend and he would like to receive it. 


    I love Herald of His Coming!  It is so stirring.  I find myself reading and re-reading the articles.  They are feeding my soul with urgent, impassioned prayers.  I would like to get the paper on a regular basis and to add several intercessors that I pray with.