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April 2016 Issue

Is There Hope For Revival In Darkening Days?
By W. C. Moore
Revival Is An Extraordinary Move Of The Holy Spirit
By Richard Owen Roberts
Our Hope Is In The Lord!
By Rich Carmicheal
Is There Hope For A Christ Awakening In America This Year?
By David Bryant
The Church Is To Reflect The Glory Of Christ
By A. B. Simpson
The Heart Of True Revival: Christ Himself
By David Bryant
Marks Of A True Christ Awakening
By David Bryant
Brokenness – The Beginning Of Revival
By Roy Hession
Searching Questions That Stir Up An Awakened Heart
By Joshua Bradley
The Plan For Revival
By Harold Vaughan
Fervent Prayer For Young People
By Lois J. Stucky
Helping Children Come To Jesus
By Andrew Murray
The Moravians And Missions
America’s 65th Annual National Day of Prayer - Thursday, May 5, 2016
Pentecost Sunday May 15 - Global Day of Prayer

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