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Fervent Prayer For Young People

By Lois J. Stucky (1928 – 2014)

    We have to face the fact that far too many young people are tragically devoting themselves to a life of violence and crime, or alcohol and drugs, or self-­indulgence and sex, or the bizarre and the occult.  Who is responsible for this, and who is responsible to do something about it?

    Some years back when we heard much about what was then termed “juvenile delinquency,” some stoutly declared that the problem was as much or more “adult delinquency.”  We all know that children are for the most part a reflection of those who train or fail to train them.  The Bible clearly commands, “Train up a child in the way in which he should go...” (Prov. 22:6).

    Parents and the home bear the greatest responsibility for the training of children and youth.  The church surely plays an important role, as well as the schools, where children spend hours daily.  Thank God for all who are investing much good effort in training youth.  We who are not directly involved with training youth must certainly uphold in prayer those who are.  

    We are all aware, however, of the sad lack of Christian homes in today’s society, and of the inadequate training for right living done in many homes. In fact, with the unsupervised media piped into many homes, wrong standards and principles are picked up. The great number of children and youth who are unchurched means they miss out on the training that could be obtained there.

    Since the majority of students attend public schools, this leaves the public schools as the chief influence in the lives of many.  After the Bible and prayer and the teaching of creation were taken out of public schools, the hope of good training there is to have teachers of character whose lives demonstrate faithful obedience to God and His Word, the very foundation of a meaningful, upright life.  God charges one generation to pass this on to the next.  

    As one sister in Christ says, “Public schools need power prayers.”  She suggests remembering public schools and Christian educators in fastings along with prayers.  Particularly uphold them if you learn about crisis situations in the school.  It would be encouraging to Christian teachers to know that someone has taken them on his or her heart for daily prayer as they deal with the difficult demands of teaching a roomful of children or adolescents.  She also suggests “drive by prayers” as you pass by a public school anywhere.   

Prayer Avails Much!

    How we need to embrace this generation of children and young people in our prayers as widely and as warmly as we can!  Wishing with all of our heart for a good outcome for the life of those children we know and love as well as for those about whom no one seems to care – is not enough.  If John Wesley is right in saying, “God does nothing but by prayer and everything with it,” then how we need to turn every godly desire we have for our young people into fervent prayer.    

    Those of us who have a Christian heritage and recognize that we are in great part a “product” of the prayers of those who have gone on before us, can show our gratitude beyond words.  We can seek to pass on the blessing by praying diligently for oncoming generations.

    A loving grandmother whom we knew in Kansas, knowing she had only a few days left to live on this earth, spent time those precious last days in prayer for her children, her grandchildren, the mates they would one day marry, the children they would have, on to several generations.  She was passing on generational blessings!   

Devotion to Christ

    Young people of character and righteous­ness are the hope of a nation.  Young people of character, righteousness and devotion to Christ are the hope of His kingdom.  Thank God He is at work among young people today and is able to reconstruct lives that have been cheated out of significant advantages in life.  Thank God for those He is using to train the lambs and young sheep, directing them in paths of righteousness.           

    God graciously takes the yielded life, immature though it be, with many slips along the way, and He patiently, unerringly guides, if He is given control.  His blessed workings are for intimacy with Himself, for heart fulfillment and for usefulness for His glorious kingdom.  What more could we desire for our youth?

    Ask God to make you alert to young people you can influence to give their lives wholly to God, and then faithfully do it.