"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    The articles in Herald of His Coming are like fresh bread to my soul.  They encourage me and stir up my spirit to follow God and love Him more and more.  They also inspire me to pray.  The Lord bless you.  Keep up the good work. 


    We have been receiving Herald of His Coming for many years and look forward to continue receiving this wonderful ­paper.  The messages in the Herald are very helpful, challenging and edifying. 

    Another writes:  How rapidly the world is changing for the worst.  How blest we are to be part of this end-time prayer force.  May the Holy Spirit lead each of us into a closer walk with Jesus and bring forth many souls for His harvest. 


    Benue State:  Thank you for your help monthly as you meet my needs with Herald of His Coming.  The messages always turn my heart to heaven.  I would like to request for Right Choice salvation herald for evangelism in my locality.  May God bless your labor of love.

    Borno State:  I am blessed every time I receive Herald of His Coming.  In it I find the great message of the hour that strengthens my stand for Christ in my location.  Reading through the uncommon messages always refreshes my fire for the Lord.   May God keep blessing you all.

    Zamfara State:  I have been a recipient of Herald of His Coming for over 20 years and I have never ceased to be edified by them.  Yours is like the lone voice crying in the wilderness in these dark hours of the night.  I will continue to offer my support in prayers and finances as God gives the grace. 


    Thank you for the faithful mailings of Herald of His Coming.  The messages are anointed and of great help to my spiritual understanding.  In past years I have been greatly helped through messages of the Herald when I was in a terrible confusion regarding some spiritual matters. 


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming since 1992.  Now I have resource centers where people can come to read and borrow books and magazines.  Will you please send me ten copies per month for the resource centers?   


    I glorify the name of the Lord every time Herald of His Coming comes.  The messages give me deep revelation which provoke me to go deeper in the Lord in prayer.  …I always share this paper with the prayer team I lead.

    Another writes:  The Herald provokes the reader to want to enter deep into prayer.  I try as much as possible to give every leader a copy and we are not the same.  On behalf of the leadership at our church we thank you and ask God to provide and sustain the ministry.   


    I am so thankful for the Herald each month.  It has really nourished my spiritual life and helped me to receive revelation from Scripture.  I now know how to pray for my children, for the unsaved in my family and even for my nation.

    Another writes:  I thank God for Herald of His Coming.  It is well rounded and very informative.  It is helping Christians in these last days be ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus.  I am really blessed by the paper and always long for the next issue.

    And another:  The teaching in the Herald is what I would call an eye-opener.  I am pastoring in a remote area where the true Gospel and deeper teaching is not found.  The Herald messages have helped me in teaching and preaching and the church is growing spiritually.   


    I am a missionary here.  I am working at a ministry school and receiving monthly the Herald of His Coming.  Financially I am dependent on my supporters so I am thankful that I can receive this paper for free.  It helps me to keep focused on the Lord Jesus Christ and His coming. 


    I am grateful for the copy of Herald of His Coming I receive.  It is a great help to my spiritual life alongside my Bible.  I cannot afford to miss it even a month.

    Another writes:  It is with great pleasure that I write you regarding Herald of His Coming.  It is life transforming and spiritual food to me and my ministry. 


    I enjoy Herald of His Coming very much.  All my received copies are in a file and I often use it as a source of reference.   


    I am so blessed to receive Herald of His Coming regularly.  The messages help a lot in my spiritual growth, especially in these end times. 


    I have received Herald of His Coming for about a year.  The articles are encouraging, inspiring and reviving.  They are good spiritual food for hungry souls.

    Another writes:  Ever since I came in contact with the Herald, it has blessed me abundantly and edified me spiritually.  …I constantly use its anointed revival-­directed, spiritual content to learn, to share and to build up Christ’s church in my community.  I believe the Lord is doing great things in my life, family and country and that a rise of spiritual awakening is surely shortly forthcoming.  May God bless you a hundred-fold in everything you are sowing! 


    Please continue to mail me Herald of His Coming.  I have been reading these papers since I was a teenager.  As a Christian they have been a great help and encouragement in my walk in Christ.  I also encourage other Christians to read them as I pass them on when I finish.

    Another writes:  What a joy it is to serve the King of kings and Lord of lords, knowing we are on the victory side.  …Thanks for sending me Herald of His Coming monthly.  I always look forward to receiving it.  It is good solid reading, sad to say that there are not many like it today.  So please keep up the good work, and never seek to water down the good news of the Gospel. 


    I am an inmate here and have been receiving the Herald for the past year or so.  I just wanted you to know that I truly love and enjoy these sermons and challenges.  I often use the Herald for my devotions and I am always stirred up in spirit, convicted, challenged and encouraged to move closer to God and to allow the Holy Spirit to work in me and equip me for the work He has for me to do right here in this dark place.  So I want to say thank you for Herald of His Coming.  It is making a difference. 


    For over ten years I have been encouraged and strengthened in my faith in Christ Jesus because of your faithfulness to send Herald of His Coming my way.  …May God bless the Herald as it continues to lift up the name of Jesus, and to spread the Gospel and the Word of God throughout the world. 


    Thank you for the Herald which continues to speak directly to the pulse of my heart for personal and corporate revival for the Body of Christ in America and abroad.   


    Thank you so much for Herald of His Coming.  I have grown spiritually because of reading the material.  Also, it causes me to focus on the most pressing prayer request – revival.  In 1993 God asked if I was willing to pray for the lost.  I have tried to be faithful in that commitment – the Herald helps me tremendously. 


    I am so blessed as I read each of the Heralds.  I even go back and re-read old copies to be re-charged and empowered to live for the Lord.  Thank you for giving the Body of Christ tools to rise above all we face in this world and shine His light! 


    I wanted you to know I am really enjoying and appreciate the Herald.  It encourages, lifts up my spirit and keeps me going.  I am homebound and I need something to keep my spirits up.  After I read the paper several times, I give it to my daughter or my dad.  I am so thankful for the articles that are inspiring, heartfelt and anointed.  


    The Herald articles are so “spot on” with everything that is happening in our world today.  Such a treasure. 

    Another writes:  I look forward to receiving Herald of His Coming.  It equips me and helps me to be a better witness.