"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    Thank you very much for Herald of His Coming.  I receive such a blessing as I read and study the articles, real and precious spiritual food.

    Another writes:  Thank you for supplying me with my monthly Herald of His Coming.  Every month I learn so much from the saints who labored over the years. 

    And another:  Herald of His Coming continues to inspire and encourage both my mum and myself in our walk with the Lord.  I thank the Lord for this publication! 


    I always get a blessing from the Herald.  Thank you for your faithfulness and for seeking the Lord to guide you into the subject He wants you to focus on each month.  May God bless you. 


    Through reading the Herald the Lord has stirred in me a hunger for revival and I am now praying and believing for a mighty move of God in my home town.  Thank you for reminding me to watch and pray and for teaching me about holiness.

    Another writes:  It is a pleasure to always receive the Herald of His Coming every month!  They have been a great inspiration to me and my wife as we read and apply the truths we learn.  I am currently praying for revival in our church and I feel the recent issue will be a blessing to our members.  Is it possible to receive 20-30 more copies?

    And another:  I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all your efforts in providing me with this inspiring, ­spiritual magazine.  The Herald has lifted up my friends and me.  I have been able to be strong and teach the body of Christ.  The very strong biblical lessons in it keep us strong to follow and stay close to Jesus.  Please keep sending us the material.

    And one more:  Hello!  I am writing with so much joy in my heart to inform you that I have finally received my OWN copy of the Herald!  I used to read old tattered copies (but not old and tattered messages!), but now I can have my copy to share with family and friends.  May the Lord bless you as you continue to reach people in need of revival, encouragement and hope. 


    We want to thank the team for faithfully sending us copies of Herald of His Coming.  Our Library members have been very blessed by the articles of this paper as they have learned to be totally yielded to our Lord Jesus and to trust the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father implicitly.  We have also learned so much on how to teach our children to pray the Scriptures, and our parents are using these teachings to bring up their little ones in the way of our Lord Jesus.  …May our Lord Jesus continue to bless you.... 


    Thank you very much for continuing in sending me the God-anointed, spiritual paper, Herald of His Coming.  …I can but only say it is the Holy Spirit’s anointing that makes this paper.  It is so deep and soul-piercing.  …Every message just cuts through me.  This paper, based on God’s Word, is truly a sword.  …Please continue to send me the Herald to inspire, encourage, edify and strengthen the inner man more.  Also thank you for the messages of Israel – heartening and blessed.

    Another writes:  Thank you for sending the Herald to me for many years.  This magazine is inspiring and uplifting by the Holy Spirit in every issue.  Praise God.  I am a pensioner and pray for the Herald staff daily. 


    Herald of His Coming is a blessing, not only to me, but to all I interact with.  It has helped shape my life, character and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Herald uplifts me spiritually daily and has helped me to be more rooted and grounded in the knowledge of my Lord Jesus as the Bride is preparing for His glorious appearing. 


    Benue State:  I really thank God for the Herald publications.  My life is greatly helped spiritually.  …Please continue to mail me these materials for my spiritual edification and for distribution.  I also request for the salvation herald, Right Choice.

    Lagos State:  Herald of His Coming is just like a lamp to me.  Each day I use it to see in order to do word study, even in our Sunday School study.  It helps us a lot.  Please don’t stop sending it to my address.

    Oyo State:  The messages in Herald of His Coming have been a great blessing to my spiritual life.  They make me to know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.  All the teachings of old are still relevant today – hallelujah!  I am sharing them with my friends in the faith....  May we be counted worthy when the Lord shall come. 


    Glory to God for such a wonderful opportunity to receive these monthly newsletters!  Herald of His Coming always contains messages that have impacted my whole being.  My spiritual growth and journey have been enhanced by the anointed messages. 


    The Herald always brings comfort, enlightenment, strength and hope.  …The dark clouds are gathering worldwide, but we see God’s mercy.  His light dispels all darkness.  Oh for our prayers to be constant. 


    I writing to confirm that I am still interested in receiving Herald of His Coming.  It is a source of great encouragement and nourishment for me.


    I always look forward to receiving my monthly Herald of His Coming.  The ­paper is a nourishment to my spirit.  I share my four extra copies with my fellow students at the Theological college.  …I always look forward to receiving any literature from you. 


    My son brought some copies of Herald  of His Coming with him on his recent visit.  What a blessing!  May you be strengthened as you continue to share the Gospel.  We so appreciate this ministry. 


    Praise the Lord for your written paper, Herald of His Coming.  I like so much that you stand firm on the Lord’s powerful words.  We use the Herald in our Sunday Schools – in center church and house churches.  …Thank you with all my heart that you readily supply Herald of His Coming for us. 


    I pastor a church and look forward to reading each edition of Herald of His Coming.  It encourages me on the path of revival and hopefully our church will see true revival.  I believe the Herald is an instrument being used greatly by God to sow the seeds of revival we so desperately need in Canada. 


    Thank you so much for your publication.  As a pastor and follower of Jesus, I so enjoy and appreciate each article.  Herald of His Coming has built me up in faith and fire for years.  May our Lord bless you. 


    Many times what is in the monthly Herald speaks so eloquently to my specific need.  May God bless, lead and provide for your every need.


    Herald of His Coming is such a blessing to me.  When I need a good word to awaken my heart, I am always recharged as I read the different articles.   


    I thoroughly enjoy the inspirational articles in the Herald that wake us up out of our lethargy.  Please don’t stop sending me the Herald.


    I am so excited when I get Herald of His Coming each month.  It gives me the strength to get by each day while I am in my cell.  I am in a state prison and when I get this paper it is wonderful news to me.  I cannot give a gift at this time, but please keep me on the mailing list. 


    Some months ago I had encountered a spiritual plateau.  After weeks of praying…a dear woman of the Lord gave me a large box full of gospel materials!  Inside there were seemingly numberless issues of Herald of His Coming, Classic Books For Today and many other helps.  This has been a tremendous blessing in addition to my Bible reading.  Praise Jesus!  Please continue sending the Herald.