"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Christ Living In Me!

By Andrew Murray 

    Many look upon Christ as a Saviour who is separate and external.  Such persons can never fully enjoy His salvation.  I must know that even as Christ is in heaven, so He is here in me, His branch.  He comes into my innermost life.  He lives within and by living there enables me to live as a child of God.

    Christ comes into me and becomes my very life!  He comes into the very root of my heart and being.  He comes into my willing and thinking and feeling and living, and lives in me in the power which the omnipresent God alone can exercise.

    When I understand this, my soul bows down in adoration and confidence toward God.  I live in the flesh the life of flesh and blood, but Christ dwelling in me is the true Life of my life.  The Scriptures say it beautifully:  “I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me” (Gal. 2:20).  If I allow the living Christ to take possession of my will and desires, I can walk even as He walked.

    Look closely at the life of Christ as recorded in Scripture and you will see that the great mark of that life is that He lived in the deepest humility and dependence upon the Heavenly Father.  He said, “I can do nothing of Myself.”

    From beginning to end of Christ’s earthly ministry, God the Father was every­thing.  If I understand that – that the Christ who is going to live in me is the Christ who honored God in everything – He will work that same disposition in me.  That will be the beauty, blessedness and strength of my life, when I learn, like Christ, to know that in everything God is all.

    Why was Christ so perfect, and why did Christ gain such victory, and why did Christ please God the Father?  One reason:  He allowed God to work in Him from morning until night.  Every step was in dependence upon God the Father.  His attitude was “Father, guide Me”; “Father, I wait upon Thee”; and “Father, work in Me.”

    Christ lets us know, “If you want Me to live in you, you must do what I did.  Your own life must be given up to the very death, unto the death of the cross, to be crucified.”  We must be an actual partaker of the death of Christ.  Thus the Word of God says, “If we have been planted together in the likeness of His death, we shall be also in the likeness of His resurrection” (Rom. 6:5). 

Risen and Exalted

    After Christ had gone down into the grave, God lifted Him up, giving Him a new life, infinitely higher and better than the life He laid down.

    Christ’s resurrection teaches me this: that if I am willing to lay down my evil life, my evil will, my heart and its affections, all my power in this world, to give it all up to God, God will give the new resurrection life of Christ in my heart here on earth.  Christ the Living One, who was raised from death, will come and live in my heart.

    He it is who comes and brings the power of His death in me, so that everything dies to self and sin, and brings the power of His life, so that everything in me can live with a new life from God.  Do not be content with mere thoughts about the presence of Jesus.  Let His coming be a reality.  Let Him be a living presence.

    After Christ’s resurrection, He ascended into heaven.  God took Him up into the place of power, to share His throne of glory, making Him partaker of the Divine power.  He sent forth the Holy Spirit.

    Thus, as Jesus Christ lives in you in your earthly life, you will become a sharer of the glory of His heavenly love.  The whole Christ-life in you – the Christ-dependence upon God, the Christ given up to God, the Christ raised up by God, and the Christ exalted above with God – this Christ wants to live in you.

    Do not be content any longer with a half-hearted Christianity, saying, “I am saved, and pardoned.  I have a little of Christ.  I do my best.”    Oh, come to the full life that God offers!  Let Christ take entire possession.  Let Christ come in – the humble One, the obedient One, the One who lived in dependence upon God – and say, “That shall be my life, if Christ will live it in me.”

    – Condensed from Andrew Murray’s Ministry at Moody