"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    May God keep Herald of His Coming printing until His Son Jesus returns.  It is a paper every Christian needs to read because it confronts the real issues in the church today.

    Another writes:  Thank you so much for the truth and challenges of God’s Word in the Herald which you faithfully send to many countries around the world.  May our Lord continue to bless and equip you to continue in His service until His coming.

    And another:  Enclosed is a small donation from a dear older sister who receives Herald of His Coming.  She is only partially sighted, just able to read with a magnifying lens.  She passes the Herald on to a local preacher in the village who finds it a great help in his ministry around the local chapels.  Thanks again for the Herald! 


    I thank the Lord for the messages in Herald of His Coming to the nations that bring the light of the Word of God to our homes.  May the Lord, the Head of the church, bless you nonstop with His grace and lead you from glory to glory. 


    I have been blessed by Herald of His Coming.  The messages always convict me and encourage me in areas that the Lord wants to minister.  I will be praying regularly for you.... 


    I am a pastor and I have gained so much from reading Herald of His Coming.  I was getting the paper through one of my friends who travels abroad.  Please can you help me by sending the Herald to me?  There is a small community of ­pastors here who have also found interest in reading these spiritually empowered materials.  These materials will be used for God’s glory. 


    Thank you from my heart for sending me Herald of His Coming for so many years.  It is a great blessing for me.  I get inspiration from the articles.  I am also praying together with your readers living around the globe. 


    I have been an avid reader of the Herald for many years and I love the wonderful Spirit-filled articles.  I have a large number of the past copies and they are invaluable.  ...I go back to past copies to imbibe again and again the teaching of Scripture by these great men of God. 


    After receiving the Herald for fifty years so faithfully sent by you all, I cannot express my thanks enough. 


    I look forward to receiving Herald of His Coming and continue to recommend it to other believers.  The paper is a source of blessing and inspiration.  Thank you for the continued supply. 


    I cannot express in words the benefit of Herald of His Coming to my soul and to the body of Christ to which I minister.  It equips with the Word and gives us the passion to carry God’s Word to others.  Please continue to put my name on your mailing list and mail me this wonderful paper every month. 


    Herald of His Coming has been a great blessing to me and my family.  We have kept them after reading and members of my family always refer back to them and reread the old copies.  We started a school and the staff in the school also use the copy you send to me.  Please send me an extra copy to enable the school and my family to both benefit from the rich teaching of God’s Word in the Herald.

    Another writes:  I am really grateful for Herald of His Coming.  It has been a source of inspiration, encouragement and insight to me.  The great thoughts and insightful teachings on prayer and revival are exactly what the church needs to experience today.  The testimonies from men and women of God in the past have reignited a fire within me and the church where I minister to desire more of the work and acts of the Holy Spirit in our times.

    And another:  I am a missionary working among Muslim communities for about 16 years.  I was receiving Herald materials up to a few years ago.  I was transferred to an area where communication was difficult.  I still read those Herald ­materials and they are like an oasis in the desert.  They still refresh me and provoke me to be a watchman in this evil generation.  It gives me a new revelation every time I read it.  I am now able to access the post office.  Please put me back on the list to receive Herald materials.   


    I am grateful that you send Herald of His Coming to me.  It is a delight when the postman appears and gives me the newspaper.  I find encouragement in the articles.  God bless you! 


    I would like to thank you very much for faithfully mailing me this wonderful paper every month.  It is one of the best Spirit-inspired papers I have ever read since becoming a Christian some 30 years ago.  May the Lord God continue to use Herald of His Coming to bless many more people just as it has blessed me all these years. 


    Abia State:  Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  I receive five copies per mailing and it has been a huge blessing and encouragement to me and those who receive copies from me.  I am a full-time missionary in a rural community and the messages have been blessing and refreshing me.

    Lagos State:  I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for more than 20 years and what a great blessing and joy I have received from the pages of the paper.  It has helped me in my work as a minister of the Gospel and has taught me how to be consistent and uncompromising in the Word of God.   


    Forty years ago lovely Christian folk (in South Africa) gave me a copy of Herald of His Coming to read.  I was so busy raising three children, I never read it.  Last year friends of ours in Dallas referred to an excellent article they had read from Herald of His Coming and I immediately recalled the newspaper from years ago.  I found your website and signed up....  I read and re-read many of your articles because they are food for the soul.  Thank you for your faithfulness in spreading the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


    The messages in Herald of His Coming have convicted our church to pray more for revival.  Many of us have chosen prayer partners to pray with daily, and we have seen our prayers changing and many answers to prayer.


    God uses the Herald to brighten my days and weeks in ways untold and I am so grateful to have discovered this treasure.  It has been a tremendous gift to me and I look forward to that “white envelope” showing up in my mailbox with great anticipation of joy! 

    Another writes:  Thank you for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming.  It is a breath of fresh air.  Prisons are dark places, and you help to shine His light into that darkness....  This prison does not have a Christian chaplain, so Christian material is a great help.


    I so appreciate the Herald of His Coming paper!  It is anointed, refreshing and encouraging.  Being on a fixed income I can’t do much, but little is much when God is in it.  Enclosed is my gift to help wherever needed most.  Keep up the work you are doing for the Lord!


    Once again the Herald articles have stirred my heart and given me the desire to get alone with God.  I am convicted of my own need for revival, as well as for all Christians.  I know this is the answer.  Please pray that I allow the Lord to have His way.


    When the world makes me feel that all I live and do for Christ is in vain – the Herald encourages me otherwise.  I have at times used quotes from the paper to try to help others.  Please continue to be faithful....


    How long will God put up with our lukewarmness?  Oh, how we need revival in our nation!  We appreciate so much the messages in Herald of His Coming.