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Out Of Mail Box 279 

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming.  Each one I read is a blessing to my soul.  Please continue to send it to me.  I have shared the Herald with friends, to bless them in their lives. 


    I greatly appreciate Herald of His Coming and pass it on for others to read and benefit from it.  It gives much food for thought in this day and age we are living.

    Another writes:  Thank you for sending me the Herald.  It is a real treasure.  I’ve been glad to share the paper with others here.

    And another:  I am very thankful for your faithfulness in sending Herald of His Coming.  It never fails to uplift, challenge and encourage, especially on the topic of prayer which is my passion.  I continue to pray for you.... 


    Herald of His Coming has been a blessing for us and our friends and family.  We appreciate so much the section on children and the call for earnest prayer for revival.  Truly our churches need to wake up and the messages in the Herald are timely.  Thank you so much for the call to return to our Lord Jesus Christ. 


    Thank you very much for this wonderful paper, Herald of His Coming.  I have been reading it over forty years.  The anointed, deep messages are what we all need to hear in these last days.

    Another writes:  What a blessing and challenge the Herald is!  This offering is small, but our appreciation is great.  Revive us again, O Lord! 


    I want to thank God for Herald of His Coming.  The paper is a frequent source of joy and nourishment for my soul and has greatly helped me in my walk with God.  I would like to remain on the mailing list....  May God bless, enable, anoint and continually provide for you. 


    I have been a Herald reader for many years since my grandfather and my father received it probably some fifty or sixty years ago.  I am so very grateful for each issue of the paper.  …God is really using the Herald for the blessing of many and the ministry has been in my daily prayers for years! 


    Herald of His Coming is a blessing to me, my family and friends.  During our cell meetings I use materials from the Herald for exhortation and teaching, as the Spirit leads.

    Another writes:  I want to thank God for being a receiver of Herald of His Coming.  Being a pastor I knew that I was to encourage people, but little did I know I need also to be encouraged.  The Herald I receive each month has a special message for me.  Last week I went into the bush and took a number of the April 2016 Heralds with me because I meet with a number of people there for prayer.  ...Thank you for this life-touching paper. 


    Thank you for sending a package of Herald of His Coming to us.  The paper contains challenging messages and uplifts us in our relationship and growth in the Lord. 


    Herald of His Coming is a unique publication.  In the Christian literature landscape it stands out as a high mountain, not competing with any other publication.  Very plain, very ordinary.  Not a picture or an illustration.  But full of life and power.  It helps me to feel the rock of true Christian doctrine beneath my feet in a world of shifting sands in modern Christendom. 


    My pastor brings Herald of His Coming to me in prison.  My mind is being renewed and my life transformed.  ...Each time I read this paper, I discover new things which comfort, exhort and correct me spiritually.   


    I thank and praise Yahweh for the ministry of Herald of His Coming.  The messages of the Herald are so appropriate for now, preparing the hearts of the people for the soon return of Yeshua Messiah.   


    I committed myself to serve the Lord in 1995.  Seven years later a sister in the Lord talked to me about Herald of His Coming.  After some time I started receiving the monthly issue of this journal and I have been greatly edified by all the messages I have been receiving.  ...We have been sharing some of the messages during our family devotion and it has been wonderful.  I thank God for you.

    Another writes:  The teachings in the Herald are anointed and life impacting.  My life has been greatly enriched and transformed as I daily study the Herald along with my Bible.  I pray that God will richly bless and inspire the ministry as I wait with eagerness for my next copies. 


    Thank you very much for sending me Herald of His Coming for the last two years.  It is definitely very helpful in keeping my priorities in prayer.   


    Kwara State:  Thank you for the focus this month in the Herald on ­spiritual awakening, and preparation for the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (June 2016 issue).  This message is needed in the body of Christ at this time.  I am greatly blessed.  Thank you for keeping the fire of revival burning.

    Nasarawa State:  I have been so blessed by the monthly editions of this revival manual.  The Herald has really ignited afresh the fire of revival in me and through that has resharpened my vision.  I would like to receive more copies every month so I can distribute to my co-­workers and revival laborers.

    Akwa Ibom State:  We are thankful to God because He has made it possible for us to receive Herald of His Coming.  Our mission has opened a nondenominational mission library to which hundreds of ministers, Bible School students and laymen are coming weekly to read and study.  “He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack…” (Prov. 28:27). 


    Naivasha:  Herald of His Coming is a voice crying in the wilderness to our generation.  It challenges one to be holy and have a closer walk with the Lord.

    Uthiru:  The messages contained in the Herald are so refreshing, reviving and equip men of God for the good work of the Gospel.  As a church elder, these papers have greatly helped me as materials of reference in sermon preparation.  May the Almighty God keep this ministry strong.  You have been a blessing to many.

    Kisumu:  I have been a reader of Herald of His Coming for about thirty years.  It is balanced, anointed, and has been a source of encouragement, challenge and instruction.  Only eternity will reveal how many souls were made ready for the coming of the Bridegroom (Jesus the King of kings) by the teachings in the Herald.  Our Lord is coming sooner rather than later, therefore let us keep our lamps trimmed and extra oil ready.  Be assured of my prayer support. 


    Herald of His Coming blesses my ­family and I each time we receive a new issue.  Every ­article is so timely, and definitely speaks to the days we are currently living in here on earth as strangers in a foreign land.  However, we work as unto the Lord and wait expectantly in joy-filled hope for Jesus’ return. 


    Thank you so much for preaching the messages of truth!  We need to know in this hour our need of repentance and turning back to God.  I am thankful the Herald has not changed in the word that goes forth.  We do not need the watered down preaching that is so prevalent in these days.  Stand fast.... 


    I appreciate the rock solid articles....  The association I am part of takes them like hot cakes!  About 10 or 12 churches distribute them and look for the next edition.  May the revival we long for come to our churches and the awakening we must have, to our nation. 


    Herald of His Coming is a fantastic resource to inspire all of us to live a life in preparation for the soon return of Jesus....  As a pastor, I desperately search for articles that challenge, inspire, and move me to a deeper walk with the Lord.  I can always find such articles in the Herald. 


    I am so blessed with receiving the Herald.  How we need to be stirred up, to seek God in these last days in prayer.  He is coming soon.  Oh for revival.  Let us do all we can, while we can....