"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Helps In The Warfare

By Charles Usher 

    1.  Exercise a living faith in our victorious Lord for spiritual strength.  “...Be strong in the Lord...” (Eph. 6:10).

    2.  Set yourself actively to oppose the foe – see that there is no passivity.  “Against.”

    3.  Wield the victory of Calvary against the enemy by claiming that what Christ wrought on the Cross shall now be applied to the present situation for the complete defeat of the enemy.

    4.  Stand steadily in spirit until victory comes.

    5.  Watch to co-operate in prayer and action under your Captain’s directorship.

    6.  Learn to keep a steady spirit when the tumult is on.  The foe will try to rush the position by disturbing your spirit, and causing you to panic.  Fear is one of his strong weapons and must be overcome.

    7.  Seek to get rid of all personal burdens.

    8.  Always put God’s glory first, not your own deliverance.  Many battles have been lost by not recognizing this rule.

    9.  Guard against all passivity of mind.  The enemy can always work on passivity, but a keen, active brain, if under the control of the Holy Spirit, is a great asset in prayer warfare.  Some have little imagination and fail to anticipate what the enemy may do.  But if the mind is free and alert, you will pray ahead of the enemy and thus frustrate his designs.

   10.  Watch that you are not drawn into a false fight, for if the foe cannot stop you fighting, he will seek to push you beyond the spirit into self-energy and thus drain you in order to cause a breakdown.  A mechanic advises that the engine should not be put out at full strength too often as it may strain it.  How truly this may be applied to the human spirit.  Keep within the limits.  Remember that the battle is the Lord’s, and “little is much if God is in it.”