Out Of Mail Box 279

 Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    Thanks for such a great paper.  Herald of His Coming inspires us to greater intimacy and effectiveness for our amazing God.

    Another writes:  It is such a “shot in the arm” to receive Herald of His Coming.  The “meat” presented to us needs digestion time and provides much to think and meditate on.  May God enable you to continue this worthwhile work. 


    On a visit to a sister church, I picked up a copy of Herald of His Coming.  After reading through it, I was definitely overwhelmed.  It encouraged and inspired my soul with regards to the importance and power of prayer.  …Its message has lifted my soul higher in the call to intercede for others in prayer and to faithfully believe in what God can do, and is doing for His servants.  In view of this, I humbly request that you please send me a package of the Herald so that I can share this powerful and blessed ministry with my congregation and other persons in Christ our Lord.  I thank you so much in advance.... 


    I found out about Herald of His Coming from a friend.  After reading some of the publishings, I was greatly encouraged and spiritually inspired.  It also helped me understand more about the Lord Jesus Christ.  Here there is no freedom of worship and it is difficult to get any biblical or spiritual publishings.  I would greatly appreciate if you would send me a copy of Herald of His Coming monthly.


    Reflecting back on the many years I have been reading the Herald paper, I see the blessing of God.  My life has not been the same.  I read its articles over and over again.  It helps me draw closer to God.  Our Bible study group and prison ministry have also benefited from this simple life transforming newsletter.   


    I want to ask you to remember me this month if you have some extra copies of the Spanish Herald (Heraldo de Su Venida).  I want to help some missions and churches in our district that are having a big problem with literature – they have none.  And every one that reads the Herald of His Coming in our province is very blessed by its teachings.  If you have the possibility to send me the extra copies, that would be a great blessing for your brothers in Cuba.  We do not have the access to literature that you do in America. 


    Thank you for consistently mailing me Herald of His Coming.  The writings continue to bless not only myself but those that I loan the paper to.  Please mail me five more copies for the purpose of redistribution to fellow brethren with me here.  May the Lord continue to increase this work. 


    I thank the Lord for all the inspirational messages I read in Herald of His Coming each month.  Through these messages my faith has grown from mustard seed faith to mountain moving faith.  I, together with my prayer group members, have seen God moving mightily in this prison.  We have learned to pray not only for ourselves but for our families and other souls.   


    Herald of His Coming is a continual inspiration and blessing to me and helps me to “keep on keeping on!” in His glad service.  …Nationally and internationally we live in difficult and dark days, but (and this is undeniable truth) Jesus is the Light of the world!

    Another writes:  Please could you send me a few extra copies of Herald of His Coming as I have some friends in a prayer group who are eager to read them and pass them on to others.  The Herald is a real blessing and an encouragement to get to know and walk closer with God. 


    I just know that God’s hand is in this.  The articles in Herald of His coming hit the bull’s-eye and are seasonally appropriate.  Please don’t stop sending this timeless piece.  I especially love and appreciate the articles on family worship and the family as a whole.  I can’t thank you enough....

    Another writes:  Thank you so much for the Herald of His Coming.  It warms one’s heart when reading all the messages.  It is a paper you cannot compare with ­others.  It is so blessed and strengthens heart and soul in this Christian life journey. 


    I am happy to be receiving Herald of His Coming which has continuously transformed myself, my family and the church I do serve here.  I am requesting to continue to be among your list of readers as this paper is the best among the ones I have been reading.  …I remain praying for you earnestly for this good work.

    Another writes:  I thank God for the Spirit-inspired messages in Herald of His Coming.  I have been reading the paper for the last four years.  I have learned a lot about prayer, holiness, ministry of the Word, evangelism and revival of the church.  The paper has continued to be a tool of inspiration and transformation in my Christian walk.

    And another:  What a precious jewel the Herald is!  What anointed messages these are in the paper!  They edify, enliven, refresh....  The messages live on even after many years.  I started receiving the Herald in the early 1990s and since then my life has not remained the same.  Every time I pick a paper from my library at home to read, I am empowered....  May you be encouraged even in these last days to continue. 


    Thank you for the anointed word flowing through the Herald.  My home group and church members just cannot wait to put their hands on the latest issue.  …We are in a season of prayer and fasting for revival, a harvest of souls, a return to the first love and meditating and honoring the Word of God – for a glorious bride preparing for the soon return of her groom – our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for the past year and what a blessing every article is.  I devour the paper because every article speaks the truth of God’s Word.  I love it. 


    The June 2016 issue, “The Signs Of The Lord’s Return,” has affected me deeply.  It has awakened me to the soon coming of the Lord Jesus and my need to be on full alert.  It has also deepened my love for Israel.  …The articles on the Jews warmed my heart and have created a passion in me to pray for them more than I have ever done before.  Also “Handwriting On A Chinese Wall” boosted my faith in the face of the threat from militant Islamists who are bent on destroying Christians and wiping out Christianity from Nigeria.  ...It has given me hope that the Lord who helped [the missionary] will also help me and other Christians who are being threatened with violence and possible death because of our faith in Jesus Christ. 


    I happened upon a copy of Herald of His Coming.  I would like to commend you all for sharing the Truth in a way that is not watered down.  So much soft gospel and motivational gospel in a time when this world needs the hard Truth.  Our Savior is about to return and few messages today relate the urgency of this....  I am in a situation which does not allow me the financial means to support your ministry.  If you are able to put me on your mailing list, I offer my sincerest gratitude. 


    When the world makes me feel that all I live and do for Christ is in vain – the Herald of His Coming encourages me otherwise.  I have at times used quotes from your paper to try to help others.  Please continue to be faithful. 


    As I reflect on our past few months of receiving Herald of His Coming, I am truly touched by the anointed words of each writer on every page.  Thank you for keeping the readers Kingdom-minded and Christ-focused.  Each paper pen­etrates our hearts and blesses our family.  May God continue to pour His riches and glory into this beautiful ministry “until the whole world hears!” 


    Once again the articles in Herald of His Coming have stirred my heart and given me the desire to get alone with God.  I am convicted of my own need for revival, as well as for all Christians.  I know this is the answer.  Please pray that I allow the Lord to have His way.