"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    I am so thankful to God for Herald of His Coming messages.  They always build me spiritually and serve as a source of instruction and correction.  Every time I pick them up from the post office I give copies to my friends and some church leaders.  Many people in my church love to read through them.   


    I have been tremendously blessed over the years with Herald of His Coming and this has spilled over to some people in my circle of influence.  Please kindly add some friends to your mailing list....

    Another writes:  Herald of His Coming is such a blessing to read and to realize how applicable the Word of God is even in the circumstances of our day – how it is a source of true hope and joy.  If possible, send me ten additional papers each month as I would like to take it to our church. 


    We are so blessed to receive our monthly copy of Herald of His Coming.  We have been sharing this amongst our church members and we have grown much in walking with our Lord Jesus.  We run a ministry in the slums of the city and the Herald is a great tool to give our people.  It is a wholesome word from the Lord, well explained, simple language and well presented. 


    I am a missionary working in the mountains of Romania and you send me Herald of His Coming which is a great encouragement to me and my ministry.  ...Please keep sending it to me. 


    Akwa Ibom State:  Herald of His Coming has contributed immensely to my spiritual life.  It has made me conscious of God’s demands from believers who are expecting the Second Coming of Christ.  I will appreciate it if you can increase the number of copies you send me so that I can share with my fellow Christians in my community.

    Rivers State:  The Herald has helped me so much in my ministry and in my day-to-day relationship with God.  I am so grateful.

    Ondo State:  Thank you for the Heralds that you have been sending to me all these years.  The articles are enlightening, informative and up-to-date, and have helped me in spiritual growth.  I read the paper cover to cover and it is a great help to get a biblical explanation on critical spiritual and moral issues.  I have enjoyed every single one, and I am still ­eager to read more.

    Ebonyi State:  My heart was overjoyed today when I received the package sent to our church.  When I was showing the materials to one of our pastors, I told him – and I meant it – that the Herald is one of the materials that still preaches the Word of God undiluted.  …I am confident that lives will be transformed and testimonies like mine harvested when the people get to read the Herald materials.  …May God strengthen you all and grant you more grace to preach the undiluted Word as the world needs it more than anything else.... 


    I came across Herald of His Coming some forty years ago after conversion from worshiping idols.  Every issue is consistently Bible-based, Christ-centered and Spirit-saturated!  The anointed messages stirred me to turn from a policeman to become a full-time preacher of the Gospel.


    Herald of His Coming helps me in my preaching and teaching and my spiritual growth.  I pray that God will supply all your needs in this wonderful ministry. 


    Thank you for faithfully sending me Herald papers.  What a tonic to my soul – warning us about the times in which we are living, impending dangers and what to look for before the soon return of our Lord.  It keeps me alert. 


    I am so pleased and appreciative to God for the tremendous work done in my life through Herald of His Coming, leading to a better Christian life.  I have been greatly impacted by the biblically well-balanced messages that are timely to the body of Christ as we wait for His Second Coming.  Please don’t remove me from the mailing list and if possible I kindly ask you to increase the number of copies from one to four.


    I sincerely appreciate Herald of His Coming.  The truths set out strictly according to the Word of God touches me very deeply and I have learned so much.  It also brings change in areas of my life.  God’s anointing powerfully covers every article in every paper.  Just amazing! 


    Herald of His Coming has been a source of spiritual nourishment and schooling.  The messages have taken me step by step, higher and higher in my relationship with God.  These are days that we need to be awakened and renewed.  The Herald is greatly appreciated by all of us in my family.  Thank you so much.

    Another writes:  Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  …It is a paper with a unique anointing.  I share my copies and others are blessed.  I continue to pray for the Herald ministry.  Whenever I read the paper I feel a fresh fire of zeal and commitment to follow the Master, to love Him and trust Him always. 


    I just found Herald of His Coming.  So amazing!  A friend of mine gave my wife and me a copy.  The messages we read were so powerful and rebuking.  Kindly send me a copy of the Herald monthly and more copies so I can share it with my friends and Bible study contacts.   


    I thank our Lord Jesus for the work the Herald is doing in His vineyard.  I have been a reader of the ­paper for a long time and can speak of many ­spiritual blessings over the years.  Let us stay awake and alert for soon the trumpet will sound to really herald His Coming.  Be assured of my prayer support, and please keep me on the mailing list.

    Another writes:  I am writing with so much joy in my heart to inform you that I have finally received my own copy of the Herald!  I used to read old tattered copies (but not old tattered messages!), but now I can have my copy to share with family and friends.  May the Lord bless you as you continue to reach millions of people in need of revival, encouragement and hope.

    And another:  I like reading Herald of His Coming, especially about prayer.  My prayer life has really changed.  I take many hours on my knees, but I do not lack words to tell God.  I teach my flock how to pray and our church is on fire.  I would be happy to continue receiving the Herald. 


    Thanks for the precious paper, Herald of His Coming.  I have learned so much and it brings me joy.  It is a treasure. 


    Herald of His Coming is great!  I appreciate the strong emphasis on holy living and both individual and corporate prayer.  The articles in every issue help keep me focused on what is most important in life.  Thank you! 


    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Herald of His Coming.  All the articles seem to be right on with what is happening in our world.  God bless you and may He continue to guide you with articles of encouragement that are so helpful to readers each month. 


    I so enjoy the Herald of His Coming.  It is such an encouragement and inspiration to me.  I read it over and over until it gets in my spirit so it will overflow to the outside.  I pray for you that God will protect and supply all your needs. 


    In this time of extreme darkness, I am encouraged as I read Herald of His Coming.  It reminds me that our Lord is still in complete control and challenges me to continue to walk in the light and give all praise and glory to Him.  He is the only One who is worthy. 


    Herald of His Coming is a continual source of inspiration and encouragement during these anxious end-time days!  It helps us to maintain an eternal perspective which causes us to “keep looking up” and shout, Maranatha!