"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

The Lord Is At Hand

By Horatius Bonar (1808 – 1889)

     I do not know how it may be with others, but I feel that when I can say that the coming of the Lord draws near, I have a weapon in my hand of no common edge and temper.  I can go to the struggling saint, against whom the battle seems to go hard, and say, “Faint not, the Lord is at hand, and He will bruise Satan under your feet shortly.”

    To the saint wearied with a vexing world, fretted with its vanities and ­troubled with the thickening darkness of its midnight, I can say, “Be of good cheer; the Lord is at hand; but a little while, and the world shall cease to vex.  Sooner than you think, the Morn will break.”

    To the suffering saint I can say, “Weep not, the Lord is at hand.  The torn heart shall be bound up, and the bitterness of bereavement forgotten in the joy of union forever.”

    To the flagging saint, heavy and slothful in his walk, I can say, “Up, for the Lord is at hand; work while it is day.  Look at a dying world all unready for its Judge.  Cast off your selfishness and love of ease.”

    To the covetous saint I can say, “The Lord is coming.  This is no time for hoarding now.  Heap not up treasure for the last days.”