"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Jesus Christ God’s Excellent Gift

By Johann Arndt (1555 – 1621)

    Christ is become the true medicine of thy soul, to restore thee – thy meat and thy drink, to refresh thee – thy fountain of life, to quench thy thirst – thy light, in darkness – thy joy, in sadness – thine advocate, against thy accusers – wisdom, against thy folly – righteousness, against thy sin – sanctification, against thy unworthiness – redemption, against thy bondage – the mercy-seat, against the judgment-seat – the throne of grace, against thy condemnation – thy absolution, against thy fearful sentence – thy peace and rest, against an evil conscience – thy victory, against all thine enemies – thy champion, against all thy persecutors – the bridegroom of thy soul, against all rivals – thy mediator, against the wrath of God – thy propitiation, against all thy trespasses – thy strength, against thy weakness – thy way, against thy wandering – thy truth, against lying and vanity – thy life, against death. He is thy counsel, when thou hast none to advise thee – thy power, in the midst of thine infirmities – thy Everlasting Father, when thou art forsaken and fatherless – thy Prince of Peace, against the adversary – thy ransom, against thy debt – thy crown of glory, against thy reproach – thy teacher, against thy ignorance – thy Judge, against thy oppressor – thy King, to destroy the kingdom of Satan – thine everlasting High Priest, to intercede for thee.

    Consider now, O Christian, what an excellent gift the Lord Jesus Christ is. Let it be thy daily prayer and supplication to make a true saving use of all those heavenly benefits, and to improve all the offices of Christ to the end for which they are designed.

    – Taken from True Christianity by Johann Arndt (1555 – 1621).