"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out of the Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I want to thank you for sending me copies of Herald of His Coming in the past years. Deep in my heart every issue that I have received has been helpful, encouraging and challenging. The articles have also brought me a deeper knowledge of evangelism, the way of righteousness and holiness, and how to overcome prayerlessness.


    Herald of His Coming is so spiritually edifying and helps me grow in the knowledge of Christ and in sharing the Gospel of Christ with other people around me. Kindly retain my name in the mailing list.


    Please continue to put my name in your mailing list and mail me this wonderful magazine every month. I really appreciate you regularly sending me Herald of His Coming. It contains challenging messages and uplifts me in my relationship with God and others.


    I am a long-standing pastor of a small church and I have found the articles of Herald of His Coming very appropriate and of great help in encouragement to me. I praise the Lord for the ministry of the Herald.


    I would like to continue receiving Herald of His Coming. The beneficiary is not only me but also friends and relatives. The messages written on each and every copy are amazing and blessings to us all. I don’t want to be without the Herald of His Coming for it has brought a great change in my spiritual life. May God bless you in abundance! I will remain one of your best readers. For those members of our family who cannot read and understand English, I translate the message in our native language. So it has become the best means of encouraging family members to read and understand the Bible.


    I am so grateful for the wonderful free gift of Herald of His Coming. Serving as a leader, I hardly ever come across those who take the initiative to encourage me from God’s Word. However, I do find a pastor in Herald of His Coming. I find the messages theologically sound and empowered by the Holy Spirit for the edification of believers. As the days go by, I come across many more people who so strongly desire to read the paper. May God bless the ministry as you strive to fulfill, and help others fulfill, the Great Commission.


    I thank you for the mailings of Herald of His Coming you have been sending to me, especially those rich in revival messages. They have been of tremendous help to me and the ministry I serve in intercession. They have rejuvenated my spiritual life and I thank God for the timely messages when the world is burdened with so many ungodly things. May God our Father richly expand you as we continue trusting God through prayer for even much greater revelations through His Word.

    Another writes: I write to appreciate your continued supply of Herald of His Coming every month. It has been a source of encouragement to me and the body of Christ here. I have been distributing it to brethren here in Kenya and many have confessed how it has helped them. It has challenged us into a life of prayer. Personally since I came across Herald of His Coming in 2006, it has spurred in me a revival flame and I am praying that God will pour out His Spirit in this nation.


    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in sending me Herald of His Coming every month. I am growing spiritually in the prayer life and in the Word of God. It is a true blessing to me. I share some Heralds with my prayer group as we lack these studies in the local assembly....


    Thank you ever so much for the excellent service in the Lord. This Spirit-filled magazine gives spiritual food to many believers around the world. May the Lord continue to strengthen you....


    Herald of His Coming is always such a blessing to me and an inspiration. I use them in my prayer time, helping me to pray for revival in my home, our church and our land. I read them over and over again. I am praying every day for you…

    Another writes: The Herald contains so much food in due season that I have to read it several times until I can catch the most for my soul! God bless you richly!


    Thank you for feeding my spirit so richly through the Herald of His Coming and helping me to grow in understanding. My prayer is for revival for His church in Wales and the world…starting with me.

    Another reader writes: I wish to thank you for your faithfulness in sending me Herald of His Coming. It is a great blessing, faithfully giving the true and straight path to follow, which is through our Lord and Savior Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    And another: I look forward to the Herald of His Coming each month and read them over and over again. May God bless you mightily and provide for all your needs.


    I am glad to tell you that Herald of His Coming is greatly inspiring to my life and the lives of those around me. It equips with the Word and gives us the passion to carry God’s Word to others. I would like to continue receiving the Herald each month.


    Borno State: I first came in contact with Herald of His Coming when I was checking some books in my father’s house. I saw a copy of the paper from 1979. It shared the testimonies of great men of God that touched their generation through prayer, specifically David Brainerd the missionary to the American Indians. His testimony touched my heart and how God finally responded to his cry by sending forth an outpouring of revival. From then I had an interest to continue to read the Herald. I am so grateful for all the blessings I have received from Herald of His Coming....

    Cross River State: Greetings to you all in the wonderful name of Jesus for sending Herald of His Coming regularly to me. In these last days before the coming of our beloved Lord, we need such messages as contained in the Herald to revive and encourage us. Please don’t remove my name from the mailing list!

    Osun State: I express my gratitude for Herald of His Coming which you have been sending to me over the years. Every month you send a package of copies to me and I ensure that they are distributed to friends who read and show their appreciation. Each magazine I read gives me much encouragement, enlightenment and boldness to face the work of the Gospel I have been called to do. The Heralds help us to do the work of God in God’s own way. We are encouraged to pray for revival which must even begin with us. I pray that the Lord will grant you all the enablement you need to continue.... Those to whom I distribute the Herald ask for it whenever there is a delay.


    I am writing to let you know that I greatly appreciate receiving Herald of His Coming. The articles are always timely and well grounded in the Scriptures. They have helped me to grow in my relationship with the Lord and to stay focused therein. Please keep up the good work....


    It is easy to become complacent in this busy, sinful world, but Herald of His Coming helps keep me focused on the Lord and redeeming the time.


    Thank you so much for continuing to print the truth of God’s Word! Jesus is coming soon! His bride needs to prepare herself for His return. This world is becoming very wicked. Evil is good and good is evil. Sin is abounding worse and worse. Thank you for helping us keep our eyes on Jesus!


    Thank you so very much for sending us Herald of His Coming – full of encouragement and needed instruction – wisdom! God bless your effort to reach others for Christ.


    Thank you so much for your faithful ministry. Besides the Bible, these monthly issues of Herald of His Coming feed my spirit more deeply and richly than anything else I read! Keep up the good work!


    Thank you for your continuing service to our blessed Lord and His body of believers. May our combined efforts spill out fruitfully upon a very dark and confused world. It is so very difficult to see revival of any sort as possible in the spiritual climate of our day; especially in our country where so many churches have fallen away from the fundamentals of the faith. However, revival is a God thing. We must pray on! And may our gracious God be merciful regarding this.