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This Hour’s Need

  By Leonard Ravenhill 

    No right thinking Christian can doubt that the most urgent need of the hour is that we jolt the sleeping church into a mass attack against invading iniquity.  The appalling arrogance of sin is most disturbing.  Make no mistake, iniquity does not slink down a side street any more with its head down, but rather swaggers down Main Street.  Neither does it cover its poison as in days of yore, but openly defies the old standards and mocks at biblical morals.

    God, give us more men aflame for Thee!  Men sick of the monopoly of the devil, here and everywhere else.  Men with burning hearts, brimming eyes, and bursting lips.  Men who fear nothing but sin, love nothing but Thy supreme will, desire nothing but to die that other men might live.  Give us these men, Holy Father, I ask in Jesus’ name, lest the church continue to drift farther and farther from the norm as revealed in The Acts of the Apostles!  Awake us, O Lord!