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Encouraging Words From Herald International Editions

    “God has been so faithful in the last year.  He has blessed our ministry.  We received much feedback from readers.  This was a great blessing for us.  Thank you for all of your prayer and support.  Expecting your continuous prayers.”    – Sister Bindhu with Malayalam Herald in India

    “Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has called us from darkness into light to be partakers of His heavenly kingdom and eternal life.  I send warm greetings from me and the Herald readers who do not cease to tell me what great work Gospel Revivals is doing through its monthly publication.  Glory be to God, I was able to transfer funds to the Herald account in the U.S.  God bless Herald International – your labor of love is forever cherished in our hearts.” – Brother Ibukun Sanu, Herald representative in Nigeria.  The funds he transferred were from precious gifts of readers in Nigeria in support of the Herald ministry.

    “We are now in the process of editing the next issue of the Tagalog Herald.  The translation, just sent to us, was delayed for several months because our translator had been busy taking care of her aged mother, in addition to her work as a school teacher.  According to her, every time she started translating, she was touched by the message and the Lord was using it for her spiritual needs.” – Sister Zenny, editor of the Tagalog Herald in the Philippines.

    “I am pleased to tell you that our work on the current issue is in progress.  Our readers are giving a remarkable response.  I receive telephone calls from different places of the country.  I praise God for His wonderful work of this ministry.  Subscriptions for the Urdu Herald are increasing rapidly.” – Brother Alexander with the Urdu Herald in Pakistan.

    “I am preparing the next three issues of the Nepal Christian Herald.  I arranged for a revival conference called “Return to the Gospel” for small churches during January 2-8.  We request prayer and funds for the Nepal Christian Herald mission as we need to reach more remote villages for spreading the Gospel and strengthening local leaders.  The Lord is doing a miracle in Nepal.  Thanks to Him for all things in His time.” – Brother Panta, editor of the Nepal Christian Herald