"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you so much for the copies of Herald of His Coming that you send me each month.  I give these out to my friends and we all eagerly wait for each issue.  Every month is a new challenge and testing of our faith.  The Herald is truly humbling, and always brings us back to the Cross.  The themes of the issues are so relevant for the church today.

    Another writes:  I look forward each month to receiving Herald of His Coming.  I am really blessed.  It is very encouraging, inspiring and helps me to come close to the Lord. 

    And another:  Herald of His Coming is such a great spiritual magazine, so uplifting.  It is doctrinally sound in days of apostasy and lack of spiritual teaching.   


    I would like to thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  It is encouraging, inspiring and a useful resource for my Bible Study. 


    We want to praise God for Herald of His Coming.  Thank you for giving us the powerful sermons of preachers like A. W. Tozer, D. L. Moody, Andrew Murray, Charles Spurgeon, E. M. Bounds, R. A. Torrey, and many others.  When I read these sermons, I am encouraged, raised up, built up, and fired up!  Continue putting me on the mailing list. 


    Praise God!  I appreciate the great help and exhortation I have gained through Herald of His Coming.  People in my workplace have come to know me because of the Herald.  They always want to get it and read more!  Please send 30 copies of the Herald regularly.

    Another writes:  It gives me great pleasure to write and thank God for the work being done to build up the body of Christ through the messages published in Herald of His Coming.  I am a Sunday School teacher and youth leader in our church.  Through the Herald I have been taught, encouraged, uplifted and challenged to continue my walk with the Lord until He comes again. 

    And another:  Thank you dear family of Herald of His Coming for the spiritual support you have given me over the years so that now I am able to stand and minister in our local church.  The Herald has truly helped me to remain strong in serving the Word of God.  May the Lord keep Herald of His Coming in the service of the Lord for many years ahead. 


    I am very grateful for Herald of His Coming which I am receiving every month.  It has blessed my family, my co-workers and me.  May God Almighty bless you as you publish the Herald and mail it all over the world.

    Another writes:  I want to thank you for the revival magazine Herald of His Coming.  I am a pastor and share the paper with other pastors and co-workers.  It has been reviving us and we want to encourage you to continue this good work. 


    Thank you for all you do to send out Herald of His Coming.  I get many messages that build my heart and that I can preach to others.  I do not want to stop reading this paper until our Lord comes again or calls me home.  May the Lord continue to provide for the work you are doing.


    I write to thank you for your labor of love through Herald of His Coming to awaken and prepare us for Christ’s return.  I also write to ask that you keep me on the mailing list and to be sending more copies to share with my friends here as well as with church leaders in different churches.  I am very happy to have the Herald as my quiet mentor.  Herald’s news helps me spiritually when I face unexpected challenges and the way out is so hard.  I am always encouraged when I read the articles in the Herald and my soul receives consolation.  I am very happy because Herald of His Coming is really worth reading. 


    Many are praying for Herald of His Coming in Liberia and want to continue to receive the paper.  We have received great testimonies of people being blessed and their lives are being transformed.  They have been encouraged, built up in their faith, and challenged to live holy lives and become Gospel messengers.  They are reaching their families, neighbors and their own villages.  Some are now Herald distributors to their churches, towns and districts.  We cherish Herald of His Coming and continue to stand in the gap of fasting and praying for you. 


    Lagos State:  Being a recipient of Herald of His Coming for these long years, I must express my utmost gratitude to you and especially to the Almighty God for the spiritual work being done in me.  I have not been able to make financial contributions, but I would like to be part of those who pray “more specifically for people and matters related to the Herald ministry....”  Please send me a copy of the Herald’s Daily Prayer Guide.

    Enugu State:  I bring you greetings from my home.  It has indeed been a personal and family revival each time we study the Herald of His Coming paper.  I pray for a fresh touch of God and His supply of His Spirit upon the Herald staff and ministry.  Thank you for being a blessing to us.  We will spread this fire burning in us to as many lost souls as possible as we await His coming. 


    Herald of His Coming is magnificent and a blessing every month.  I am so grateful that the articles are so faithful to the Word and preach God’s truth.  The church is getting so confused with so much false doctrine in these dark days.


    Oh how much Jesus has helped and blessed Herald of His Coming!  The wonderful Jesus has used the paper to encourage yet bring a wanting and deeper hunger for knowing Him.  I am blessed each day I sit to read from it.  I know it has a great impact on those who are striving to be led by His Spirit.  Keep me in your prayers.  I want to finish my race being able to say and know I have obeyed. 


    I appreciate the selection of articles contained in Herald of His Coming.  Many times I feel an article was written specifically for me.  I gain much from each issue and look forward to the Herald coming each month.  I am a volunteer Chaplain at a local prison and I pass my copy on to the inmates here.  We had a discussion about available faith-based materials, and having seen my copies of the Herald, some have asked if it is possible for them to receive their own copies.  I am attaching a list of names to add to the mailing list.  They promise to pass on their copy as well. 


    I cannot even express how Herald of His Coming has helped me every month.  I am so thankful for the paper and I do pray for you always.  I have always been a follower of Jesus, but sometimes I lose my faith.  But I can always count on the Herald to keep me focused.  So I thank you all for Herald of His Coming.  I don’t know if you know that the paper is helping many people, and I am one of them.  May God bless you. 


    I thank God for your mission ministry in the printing and distribution of Herald of His Coming – nationally as well as internationally.  I will continue to pray for the editors and their co-workers for an abundant spiritual harvest through their various language editions.  This publication has truly been a blessing to me.  Thank you so much. 


    Thank you for the monthly bundle of Herald of His Coming.  We put them in our office for patients.  These papers are life changers.  God bless you all!  Only eternity will tell of the results of these soul-searching papers.


    I am always thankful for God’s faithfulness to Herald of His Coming to getting the right message out at the right time.  Only God can orchestrate speaking truth to so many different languages and people groups with such diversity of cultures and life experiences.  So I continue to pray for the Spirit of the Lord to be your one and only director of each issue.