"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Divine Enabling For Service

  By R. A. Torrey

     How perfect is the provision for life and service that God has made, and what the fullness of privilege that is open to the humblest believer, through the Holy Spirit’s work.  It is not so much what we are by nature either intellectually, morally, spiritually or even physically that is important; but what the Holy Spirit can do for us, and what we will let Him do.  The Holy Spirit often takes the one who gives the least natural promise and uses him far more than those who give the greatest natural promise.

    The Christian life is not to be lived in the realm of natural temperament, and Christian work is not to be done in the power of natural endowment.  But the Christian life is to be lived in the realm of the Spirit, and Christian work is to be done in the power of the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is eagerly desirous to do for each of us His whole work.  He will do for each of us all we will let Him do.