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Out Of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    This is just a line to thank you for sending me a copy of Herald of His Coming monthly.  I am greatly blessed by reading the articles contained in the paper.  I always remember you in my prayers and thank God for the wonderful ministry which reaches to the needy souls in every part of the world. 


    Rivers State:  Dearly beloved, I am very grateful to the Herald of His Coming for steering my heart towards revival.  I cannot pay for all the teachings I have received and still receive through the ministry of the Herald.  God bless you all.

    Kaduna State:  All my prayers for you are full of praise to God.  When I pray for you my heart is full of joy because of the help I have received to better understand the Bible from the first time I read this life material from a friend.  I am sure that God who began a good work within you will keep it right on, helping you to grow in His grace until His “Great Commission” within you is finished on that day when Christ returns.

    Kogi State:  I saw and read the Herald of His Coming from a friend and I have been very blessed.  In fact, the Lord really touched my life and that of my family.  Hallelujah!  Please, I wish to join the thousands who receive this publication.  Thanks and God bless.

    Cross River State:  I would like to continue receiving copies of Herald of His Coming.  I love the messages, stories of missionaries and the way one is encouraged to face challenges, both physical and spiritual.  There is no other Christian magazine or paper I find more spiritually helpful to me than the Herald.  This is because the ministry is based largely on prayers and prayers can do wonders in the life of the believer.  We are praying for you.   


    Thank you for the very helpful paper, Herald of His Coming.  The Herald is helping many people to live a victorious Christian life.  It is helping me and others during our Bible Study.  I also want to thank God for those who are receiving Jesus as their Savior in numbers here in Zimbabwe.

    And another:  Thank you for faithfully sending me Herald of His Coming.  The paper has contributed immensely to my spiritual life.  It always builds me spiritually and serves as a source of instruction and correction.  The copies you send to me I distribute to church members at our church as well as other churches and to the community where I live.   


    Thank you for the wonderful work done through Herald of His Coming.  I appreciate the paper I receive.  It is a great blessing.  The articles are anointed, helpful and challenging.  Thank you once again. 


    May God continue to bless Herald of His Coming.  May His grace continue to strengthen the ministry to continue the good works it is doing.  The Herald has helped to transform my life and I am abundantly grateful. 


    I salute Herald of His Coming in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Thank you for your meritorious work of preaching and teaching the Word of God.  Keep up the good work and keep the fire of the Gospel burning!  I am thankful for the ministry’s endurance and labor in the Lord.

    Another writes:  I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for the Herald of His Coming family.  The Herald has been a true ambassador of Christ in this age of apostasy.  May the God of the harvest increase your resources and boundaries to impact more people for His glory.  The paper has been a great resource in my Christian life and growth.  I have been reading it since the formative years of my Christian life early in the 1990s.  Now I am a minister of the Gospel and the Herald is a must read to me.  Those I have shared a copy with come back for another. 

    Another also writes:  I am writing to thank you greatly for continuously sending me Herald of His Coming over many years.  I have been blessed tremendously by the messages in each issue, and I have been helped very much as a church elder in my preaching and teaching by the publication.  Those I have introduced the Herald to also offer praise and are grateful to receive it.

    And another:  I have been blessed to receive Herald of His Coming for about 30 years.  The paper has really nourished my heart, my pastoral ministry and my preaching.  Please continue sending me the Herald. 


    I enjoy receiving Herald of His Coming every month.  The articles are both a blessing and an encouragement.


    I send my greetings to Herald of His Coming in Jesus’ name.  I like your spiritual literature to the extreme.  It is one of the positive factors that has supported and stayed my life with Jesus up to now.  So please, send me the lovely spiritual food so that I will grow in the teachings of Jesus Christ and also teach others from it.  Not this alone, but also I give it to others to read. 


    Thank you for the great work and ongoing ministry of Herald of His Coming, which I have been receiving through many years of pastoral ministry in Northern Ireland.  The content has remained of a very high standard and has always brought fresh food for thought and fresh challenge to my walk with God.

    Another writes:  I just wanted to say that I am delighted to have found the Herald of His Coming website.  I lost my mum 13 years ago and have recently been going through a bag of papers she had and found some copies of the Herald from 1991.  I loved the teaching so I looked the ministry up online and have now signed up for the paper.  I am very much looking forward to receiving it each month.  I only became a Christian after my mum went to be with the Lord yet somehow her faithfulness has kept on feeding me, praise God!  Herald of His Coming is just one more example.  She may not be here today but she has left me much encouragement in a world devoid of passionate and faithful Christianity.  God bless you all.   


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming.  The paper has become a blessing and has helped me in person and all the members of the church where I regularly teach.  Topics like the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and many others have completely changed the church and me.  Thank you.  May the good Lord continue to bless you as you keep sending the paper for God’s kingdom.

    Another writes:  Thanks for the Herald of His Coming.  I have been blessed and encouraged by the teachings I have received from the paper.  May God continue to use the Herald mightily to awaken the church by the fires of revival to accomplish its mandate in these end times.


    Herald of His Coming often moves me to tears.  Thank you for the ministry’s life-changing work.


    I am awed at how far and wide Herald of His Coming reaches to instruct, inspire and bless the people of God all over the world.  “God’s Word goes forth and does not return to Him void” (see Isaiah 55:10).  May God bless the work of your hands and hearts.


    I thank God for the faithfulness of Herald of His Coming.  I have been much encouraged to return to my knees and cry out to God for the lost and wavering.  I read with interest the news of our brothers and sisters that are living in persecuted areas.  I need to not be just sympathetic but active – bringing them more often before their only hope, Jesus Christ their Deliverer.  Thank you again.  You have often fed me at the proper time when I was seeking. 


    I cannot recall how I found out about Herald of His Coming, but it has been such a blessing and God-send for me.  It challenges and encourages me to study God’s Word more and to put it into practice in my life as we await His return.  May God continue to guide and provide for this much needed ministry.