"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out of the Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    The Herald of His Coming papers have been an inspirational tool of blessing to me. I am always strengthened and refreshed whenever the Herald comes into my hands. Reading through it I always feel anointed and empowered. I consider it a tool of God in my life for ministry.

    Another writes: I thank God for all workers and volunteers of Herald of His Coming for helping us receive the monthly issues of the paper. The Herald has been a blessing to me over the years. I will be introducing some brethren whom I have been sharing my copy with so that they can share with others. Thank you....


    I am grateful that you regularly send Herald of His Coming. It is a delight when the postman appears and gives the paper. I find encouragement in the articles.


    I really enjoy reading Herald of His Coming. Keep up the good work. My mom had the paper come to her house for years. It really helped her through many trials she faced. As I got older she often told me how her spirit would get lifted after reading the Herald.


    Thank you for the precious Heralds I am receiving regularly. The Spirit-inspired messages are really a blessing to me and my friends with whom I share the copies. Please continue sending me two copies monthly.


    Akwa Ibom State: We are really grateful to the Almighty God who has used Herald of His Coming to minister to us. We appreciate you. The paper has helped the members of my church to know more about prayer, how to live the Christian life and the importance of the Holy Ghost in the life of the believer. On behalf of all our members here, thank you.

    Lagos State: I have been helped much spiritually by the anointed Herald of His Coming. It is beyond my tongue to explain. From the time I started receiving this paper, I have gone deeper with the Lord than before. I have learned more from it, even about effective prayer. The deacons and elders who have read it through borrowing it from me have appreciated it....

    Ondo State: Thank you for sending me a copy of Herald of His Coming regularly. It has helped me in my personal spiritual growth and that of my local assembly where I usually minister. God’s teachings through this anointed paper have been used to transform my life and the people I teach. May the good Lord continue to increase the anointing upon Herald of His Coming ministry till eternity.


    I am an evangelist and a reader of the Herald of His Coming. I am so appreciative of the paper. I want to receive continually for the near future. The articles give refreshment to my life and I also share biblical knowledge to other people from the journal. I look forward to the next one.


    I appreciate receiving Herald of His Coming. It has helped me a lot in my pilgrimage and in church ministry both in the local area and abroad.... Keep that same "old Cross" line and pure evangelistic theology. It will wake up a lot of people around the world till He comes. With brotherly love and gratefulness....


    Herald of His Coming has acted as a measuring stick toward my spiritual life. It is my monthly food in these perishing last days. Continue sending me the paper.


    Thanks be to God for such a blessed ministry. Herald of His Coming has been a true source of spiritual revival for me for over five years. I am greatly helped to stay warm in my daily walk with the Lord and not to miss the mark. May God’s blessings be upon you as you continue providing the undiluted and uncompromised message of the Cross.


    Thank you very much for the packages of Herald of His Coming each month. The paper is continuing to edify, inspire, challenge and to motivate me and a number of other Christian leaders here in our city and other parts of Tanzania.


    West Sussix: I wanted to get in touch to say how much I appreciate Herald of His Coming. I find it unfailingly stimulates me to seek the Lord further and to pursue my relationship with Him. Please do keep on sending it to me.

    Yorkshire: Thank you for the Herald magazine which is strong meat. It stirs me to pray and to desire to be closer to my Savior.

    London: Thank you once again for the faithful monthly packets of Herald of His Coming and for the very spiritual, strengthening and challenging articles each month. We are joining you in the earnest prayer for revival.


    I want to thank Herald of His Coming for its great faithfulness over many years in sending me such a feast of anointed papers and articles to bless, feed, encourage, build up, strengthen and give life and hope in today’s deceived society which is degenerating at an alarming rate. The October 2014 and November 2014 issues were especially a word for this hour.

Another writes: I have been enjoying Herald of His Coming immensely and would love to continue getting them.


    It is with great gratitude I write to you to inform that I am always blessed to receive and to read the Herald of His Coming. The messages are not just motivational but are deeply inspired of the Spirit, very timely. They always challenge me to draw near to God.

    Another writes: I give glory to God this morning as I write to you thanking you for your continued blessings to me and our church. Since I started receiving Herald of His Coming my life has been transformed, along with those around me, through the articles of the anointed servants of God. I serve God in an area where many of the people in my church do not know how to read and write. The word I get from the Herald gives me insight in preparing for my sermons and I share information with those who serve with me.


    I write to express my sincere gratitude. I always look forward to receiving a copy of Herald of His Coming every month. This month I have been richly blessed by A. W. Tozer’s article entitled "Renew Your Love For Christ Himself" (March 2014). Oh, that He may be everything in my life.


    I thank you for the encouraging and timely newsletter. The messages in the Herald are a blessing to me as they allow the Holy Spirit to speak to my mind, heart and spirit. They are very thought provoking and challenge me to draw closer to the Lord and to watch my walk and life before Him.


    I cannot begin to express to you what a joy it has been to receive such a Christ-centered newspaper. I thank God that Herald of His Coming was brought into my life. Here in prison we are bombarded with many "Christian" books and material. Yet I have discovered that much of it is wolves in sheep’s clothing waiting to lead a young believer astray. I have found the Herald to be truthful and helpful in my growth as a Christian.


    I received Herald of His Coming for about two years while I was in Ethiopia and since coming to the USA I have received for another two years. I am ministering in a prayer group of my local church and find the "News And Prayer Briefs" very helpful. I also translate some articles into Amharic to use in our church.


    I am the pastor of a small congregation and I picked up a copy of Herald of His Coming while visiting a sister church. I have been overwhelmed and blessed reading it! It truly encouraged my soul concerning the importance and power of prayer and I have been lifted higher in the call to intercede for others in prayer and faith in what God can do and is doing! I would love to be able to share this powerful and effective ministry tool with my congregation and others.


    I am thrilled to have started receiving Herald of His Coming and have been blessed and challenged by it. I appreciate the call to discipleship and Christian personal growth. My prayer life had been all but non-existent so the Herald’s call to personal and national revival struck a cord in my heart. I am reading and re-reading the articles and beginning to implement what I am learning into my daily life. I have also begun to share your newspaper with other prisoners and encourage them to get on your mailing list. Whenever I find something good, I can’t help but share it with others!