Mighty Is The Power Of Prayer

By E. M. Bounds

    Mighty is the power of prayer. Wonderful are its fruits. Remarkable things are brought to pass by men of prayer. Many are the wonders of prayer wrought by an Almighty hand. The evidences of prayer’s accomplishments almost stagger us. They challenge our faith. They encourage our expectations when we pray.

    The possibilities of prayer are immeasurably large. The necessity of prayer is urgent. God commits Himself into the hands of those who truly pray. Great are the wonders of prayer because great is the God who hears and answers prayer. Great are these wonders because great are the rich promises made by a great God to those who pray.

    The church more than ever needs profound convictions of the vast importance of prayer in carrying out the work committed to it. More praying must be done and better praying if the church shall be able to perform the difficult, delicate and responsible task given to it by her Lord and Master. Defeat awaits a non-praying church. Success is sure to follow a church given to much prayer.

    The supernatural element in the church, without which it must fail, comes only through praying. More time in this busy, bustling age must be given to prayer by a God-called church. More thought must be given to prayer in this thoughtless age of superficial religion. More heart and soul must be in the praying that is done if the church would go forth in the strength of her Lord and perform the wonders which is her heritage by Divine promise.

"O Spirit of the Living God,
In all Thy plenitude of grace,
Where’er the foot of man hath trod,
Descend on our apostate race.

"Give tongues of fire and hearts of love,
To preach the reconciling word,
Give power and unction from above,
Where’er the joyful sound is heard."

    Prayer brings the Holy Spirit upon men today in answer to importunate, continued prayer just as it did before Pentecost. The wonders of prayer have not ceased!

    – From The Possibilities of Prayer.