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Prevailing Prayer Needed!

By George T. B. Davis

    If ever there was a time in the history of our nation when continuous, persistent, prevailing prayer was needed, it is right now! I fully believe there are thousands of God’s children who are sorely grieved over present-day conditions and who will gladly join in taking time for daily, persistent intercession for our nation; for our schools and colleges; for our pastors and churches; for multitudes who have forgotten God; for unsaved relatives and friends; and for full surrender and revival in our hearts and lives.

    There are a number of prayers in the Bible that will guide us and quicken our faith in praying for our lands that have so largely forgotten God. Read Exodus 32:7-14, and see how Moses prayed when the children of Israel had disobeyed God, and how the Lord hearkened to the voice of one individual and saved the nation from destruction.

    Read Nehemiah 1:4-11, and see how Nehemiah cried to God for the remnant of the captivity in Jerusalem that were in affliction and reproach, and as a result of his prayers and labors the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt, and the reproach was lifted from his people.

    Read Ezra 9:5-15 and see how this man who loved the Word of God and was so grieved over the apostasy of the people, confessed to God the sins of the leaders and of himself, and how conviction of sin came upon the people, and the evil that would have ruined the nation was put away, and the people were brought back to God.

    Let us each one humble ourselves before God, and confess and forsake our own sins and the sins of the nation, and cry mightily to God and claim by faith the promise in Second Chronicles 7:14.