Out of the Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    For some time an older lady was taking some English copies of Herald of His Coming home from church and I was wondering where she was taking them since she did not speak English. Then one week she told me her daughter who was seriously ill wanted to see me. I went there with some questions in my mind because this daughter did not come to our church. When I arrived, the daughter was very happy to see me and after talking for some time she asked for prayer. She was very inspirational to me. In her illness, she was lifting up Jesus. As I was leaving she said, "Pastor, thank you very much for the Herald of His Coming. That is why I asked you here – to thank you. In my sickness this paper (holding up a copy of Herald of His Coming) has helped sustain and support my faith." I was in tears. Please accept those thanks.


    I am a refugee residing in Norway. I am a Christian who was persecuted in my home country due to my beliefs. I am now living in a free land where I can worship as a Christian. The monthly issue of Herald of His Coming is one of the most useful sources of renewing and replenishing of my Christianity and helps me in my relationship with God. They are useful not only for myself but also to those who participate with me in our church services. I cannot find words for my gratitude with the exception to pray for your ministry.


    Thank you for sending the Herald of His Coming since 1995. I would like to ask you to continue sending it in the future. God bless you!


    Herald of His Coming is so much a part of us, me and my family – the divine Gospel message you’ve been proclaiming faithfully for so many years. The world needs God’s Kingdom message, the only True Light, to pierce through the darkness that pervades the heart of man in view of all the sad, ugly, horrible things we see happening around us today. In Jesus alone we are truly free indeed! All glory be unto our God now and always.


    Thank you for the paper. The Herald of His Coming has such excellent articles in them. I appreciate the good messages from the great Christian leaders of the past. I pass your papers on to others. I am a handicapped senior who wishes I could send more to help.

    Another writes: Thank you for Herald of His Coming. For many years it has been a source of inspiration. The message is needed so much in these last days. We need a spiritual awakening. May the Lord continue to use the ministry to challenge His church.


    Many thanks for sending me Herald of His Coming. I really appreciate this magazine. It is certainly food for thought and very inspiring in the present age. After I have read it, the paper goes to quite a few more people to get the benefit of its teaching. Please continue sending it to me.

    Another writes: Thank you so much for sending me extra copies of Herald of His Coming to share with my community group, some of whom are young in the faith. I know that as they receive them they will grow and mature as I have done over the last 20 years that I have been receiving this God-inspired publication.


    I write to thank you for the Herald of His Coming which you have been sending to me regularly. I request that you may please continue to send me the Herald as it is a great means of spiritual encouragement to me and many others who read it. May the Lord richly bless you.


    I am a teacher here and with no assembly to get systematic Bible teaching, I hang on to the messages of the Herald paper. I salute you for keeping the faith. Each time I give thanks to our Heavenly Father for consecrating this ministry to give out accurate Bible teaching without charge. May our God continue to open more opportunities for the Herald ministry.


    Thank you so much for the Herald of His Coming. It warms one’s heart when reading all the writings. It is a paper you cannot compare with others. It is so blessed and strengthens heart and soul. I do pray for the work that Herald of His Coming is doing.

    Another writes: I am deeply indebted to you for sending me the Herald so regularly. The Lord will surely bless and strengthen you for your faithfulness to Him and the global interests of His Kingdom. You surely can rely on His faithfulness to His promises! I continually receive enlightenment and strengthening by reading the articles in this publication. It is a blessing to me.


    There are many churches and denominations in my surroundings, but the dominant activity is lip service and routine worship. In this condition, Herald of His Coming has become my indispensable spiritual food next to the Holy Bible. God sends me a regular "messenger" (the Herald) through which He encourages, motivates and inspires me. Whenever I read this material I cannot be as the usual. Rather I become stronger than before. My appetite towards reading the Word of God, praying and fasting increases…Since our national language is Amharic, the majority of my friends cannot read and understand the articles. For this reason, I read and translate for them.


    The January 2014 Herald of His Coming is amazing. I am making translations of some articles from various Heralds for my local language, Lumasaaba. The smell of revival is in the air. I do not know what I would do without Herald’s spiritual vitamins! Please send me a copy of the Herald’s Daily Prayer Guide.


    I am being blessed every time I read Herald of His Coming. I am refreshed, enlightened and encouraged in Christian life and ministry. I teach in Village Discipleship School every Friday and meet pastors in fellowship every last Saturday of the month. I distribute magazines to pastors. Those who need more copies in their ministry I advise them to write for more copies.

    Another writes: I thank God our Father for Herald of His Coming magazine that has proved to be true and has truly encouraged me. Through the magazine I have found nourishment and it has built me strong. I am a deacon in my local church and also have a Christian library where some of the magazines I read go.

    And another: I live in a far rural area. Thank you so much for sending me Herald of His Coming. After teaching my pupils in Class 2 (during break time because my tin lamp cannot run for long at night), I get to study the Herald and it is helping me to grow into a mature Christian, understanding the Word of God. I express gratitude for this good work for the kingdom of God.


    I thank God for Herald of His Coming and for what I have gleaned through the reading of this spiritually enriching magazine. I am thankful that I am able to receive a free copy on a regular basis. The Herald is a source of spiritual blessing to me.


    I want to use this opportunity to appreciate you for all the help and assistance you give to me by sending Herald of His Coming. I must confess that this publication has revived my zeal and commitment to soul winning and praying for the lost.

    Another writes: I am glad to be connected to the life-changing, informative and awakening literature called Herald of His Coming. This paper has earnestly boost my praying lifestyle. I appeal for a continuous copy to be sent to me.


    I have been reading Herald of His Coming for seven years now. It continues to push me forward in my relationship with Jesus Christ. I love the sermons and articles written by great and godly men of the past. I use the "Out Of Mail Box 279" as one of my prayer lists each week. Please continue to send me the paper.


    Thank you for the godly quality of your publication. The articles in Herald of His Coming have provided guidance and wisdom to our prayer efforts on behalf of our city and its people. The choice of authors has exposed us to people whose writings we might never have encountered otherwise. Once again, thank you.


    Thank you so very much for your mailings of Herald of His Coming. It gets read, shared and passed on to our local assisted living/nursing home. So please continue to send it to me. I also often use some of the great articles for our adult Sunday School class.