"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out of the Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Staffordshire: Please continue to send me Herald of His Coming. I do so look forward to reading the next one, and cannot wait for it to come through my letter box.

    Tyne and Wear: Thank you for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming. The pure Gospel of holiness and separation from the world is rarely preached today in the churches. I know that you will continue to keep the standard high.

    London: I am truly grateful and blessed to receive Herald of His Coming. I have been uplifted, challenged and encouraged by the messages. They are timely for the hard times in which we live.


    Thank you very much for faithfully sending Herald of His Coming to me. I eagerly look forward to every issue and the articles are really preparing us for His coming. We are reaching out to Nepali workers here, many of whom are Hindu. Many have turned to the Lord Yeshua.


    Always is a tremendous privilege to receive the copies of Herald of His Coming you send to us. The prisoners love the Herald and testify about the blessings they are receiving from the Holy Spirit through the messages. Anytime you have the possibility to send us more copies, we will appreciate that.


    Thank you for continually sending me Herald of His Coming. Please continue as it is a source of much guidance and strength. Forgive me that I cannot give an offering. God bless you.


    I am always blessed when I read Herald of His Coming. Sometimes I repeat reading them again and again. It’s my prayer that the Lord God will keep on giving messages to print in those papers…

    Another writes: I am a pastor far away from the main land. Life is very hard here due to poverty. I can’t manage to purchase a study book for my spiritual growth, but as a pastor I need to grow ahead of my flock. I thank God that Herald of His Coming is sent out free. I am able to grow with my flock for I have to share all that I read with them.

    And another shares: May I thank you for the copies of Herald of His Coming you have started sending to me monthly. Please continue to send them because they help so many people whom I issue the paper. I usually preach the Gospel to a crowd of people at the market then distribute Herald of His Coming to the people. So many are benefiting from the paper.


    I am a pastor of a small church. Herald of His Coming is a real blessing to my soul and it always speaks to me in my circumstances whether the need is to be uplifted, instructed, encouraged or to take time for self-examination regarding holiness.

    Another writes: I am a Zimbabwean living in South Africa and a Christian who is struggling with prayer. The February 2014 issue came at the right time to encourage me to be a true watchman. May God Almighty bless your team and give you more wisdom and revelation in order to sound the trumpets of His Coming…


    May God continue to bless Herald of His Coming for it is greatly assisting me in growing both morally and spiritually. I thank you for responding quickly to my request of getting more copies of the paper. I am sharing them with my friends and relatives. I’m kindly requesting for Truth For You and Right Choice to share with friends who are eager to read more.


    Lagos State: I hereby express my gratitude for receiving Herald of His Coming every month. The messages have widened the scope of my vision for the evangelization of the world. It has also encouraged me at time of trial and has motivated me when I get cold in prayers and preaching the Gospel. My close friends and relatives are always asking me for the month’s copy. Please keep my subscription alive.

    Ogun State: I am writing to share my appreciation for Herald of His Coming. The paper has been a blessing to me. It boosts up my taste for revival and explained to me the real meaning of revival and how to prepare for it. Thanks for contributing and making an impact in my spiritual life.

    Niger State: I am one of those blessed through the Herald’s monthly messages, messages that really stir up my spiritual taste for God’s kingdom and also strengthens my spiritual muscles.


    I would like to tell you how grateful I am for the Herald of His Coming which I have been receiving since January 2014. It has really helped revive my spiritual life. I was so much awakened by the June 2014 edition concerning the Return of Christ.

    Another writes: We are a group of pastors. Thank you for the Herald of His Coming papers. They are impacting our spiritual lives, our ministry and the community for God’s glory. Pray for total breakthrough in our ministry in Uganda.


    I have received your October 2014 issue of Herald of His Coming. Besides my own reading, I am sharing it with about 20-30 persons in my home fellowship through translation into the local language. Thank you for sending this great blessing.


    I praise God for Herald of His Coming and its steadfast ministry. It is a boost to my faith. The printed messages mean a lot to me because there are times when it is the only solid meat besides God’s Word that keeps me steadfast in the midst of false doctrine propagating like wild fire in Cameroon. Keep us in prayer.

    Another writes: I give God thanks for how He has been using Herald of His Coming to strengthen the faith of many believers. I am always challenged each time I read the paper. I want to encourage you and pray that the Lord will continue to bless you all the more in Jesus’ name.


    I am so grateful for this month’s issue (August 2014) on intercession. My donation was given online, but I wanted to thank you for faithfully sending the Herald. The Scriptures themselves and their right division by anointed preachers are the most effective means of setting prisoners free and restoring sight to the blind.


    I was sentenced to 40 months in a state prison. When I arrived in quarantine I was absolutely alone, except for the King. The next day the prisoner in the next cell handed me my first Herald of His Coming. At that time it was the only thing I had to read. The Holy Spirit has used many of them since to sink my footings deep. Thank you for the unapologetic stand on the meat of the Word of God. Every one that I have read, and reread, has had my spirit leaping in agreement. This is serious work and God is preparing us for the battle. Soon I will be stepping into the role as pastor of the fellowship of 80 men at this facility. We are seeing the promise of revival beginning to gather here.


    I am so thankful and grateful to God for the Herald’s faithfulness to Him. This little newspaper has fed me, awakened me, encouraged me and strengthened me so many times.


    We received your donation of Herald of His Coming to our (prison) chapel and wanted to say thank you. The publication is a blessing to our chapel and to our attempts to fulfill Matthew 28:19. The publication is sent to all areas of our facility to be read, shared, and enjoyed. Herald of His Coming is readily accepted as one of our best witnessing tools.


    My heart was heavy and under conviction after reading the August 2014 Herald. God help me to do better. I am so thankful, felt like it was written for me. By God’s mercy and grace, I will pray more.


    Herald of His Coming is and has been a spiritual blessing to me for many years. Each edition is full of in-depth articles that minister hope, help and healing to new and mature believers alike. My prayers are with you....


    I have enjoyed reading and benefiting from the Herald since about 1962 when our pastor introduced us to this publication. I have certainly found much in reading it that has inspired, encouraged and spiritually enriched my life.


    I cannot tell you how wonderfully the Herald of His Coming blesses my soul. Indeed it stirs my heart to pray. The Herald feeds my soul, gives me instruction and new ideas about prayer, worship and service. I am thankful for your work in spreading the Gospel truth!