"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Fuel For The Flame

By Lois J. Stucky (1928 - 2014)

    Many Christian are praying for revival fires to burn and blaze brightly around the world. Where God finds the fuel He needs, fires are being kindled.

    The hearts and lives of God’s people are the fuel for the divine flame God must have. He needs hearts and lives yielded up to Him – willing to have sin purged and self slain, willing to have personal wills and plans and ambitions consumed, willing to be used wherever and however He sees best (Rom. 12:1-2).

    Sometimes the Lord sets a brand aflame and places it on high as a torch in a dark place, where its light shines far and bright. But more often, He takes the life that we give Him, and in His own tender way, lays it on the hearth with many others, where it is mostly unseen and unknown. But He who is the Master Builder of revival fires as well as of the Universe knows how to best use each life given to Him.

    The flame which consumes the fuel sets others ablaze. Who can tell how far it shines and how many it warms and enlightens and kindles into flame!

    God has need of those who will be fuel for revival fires right where He has placed them – in the hidden place of prayer; in a busy household; in a wheelchair; in a small congregation; in the midst of unconcerned and antagonistic sinners.

    Rejoice in God’s choice! Determine to be fuel for the divine flame even if you seem to be all unnoticed. Quietly, faithfully, obediently – do what He has given you to do. This brings God’s blessing and unites you with many others to fulfill His glorious plans for these end-time days. Keep a glow in your heart, and then when God begins to move in greater ways by His Spirit, you will leap into flame!

    We thank the Lord for the way He has been pleased to bless and use the humble Herald of His Coming revival messengers as they make their way quietly, and faithfully to many parts of the globe. These papers represent the lives of many friends. Some are spending themselves in quiet, faithful, zealous service. Some are praying with the faith and burden and fervency that pulls from heaven the blessed anointing of the Holy Spirit. Some are giving until they are poor that others might be made rich (2 Cor. 8:9).

    This is what makes the Herald fuel for God’s revival fires. Perhaps the paper represents your outpouring to God on behalf of a mighty end-time revival. Then you will rejoice in the testimonies we print in Herald of His Coming from time to time telling how fires are kindled in individual hearts, in churches and in communities. And you will know that much of the fruit is known only to God.

    We thank God for all of you friends who are pulling with us in this battle. Some of you are sending as generously as you are able. SOME OF YOU ARE PRAYING FOR US EVERY DAY! God bless you!