"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out of the Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    We appreciate Herald of His Coming so very much. The articles are encouraging and helpful in many ways. God’s Word needs to be sent forth.

    Another writes: Just want to say – thank you again and again. The Herald paper is always very uplifting. I just love it and I pass it on to others. Would it be possible to get a few more monthly copies?


    Co. Antrim: Please continue to send my copy of Herald of His Coming. I have been reading it for over fifty years and am always waiting for my next copy. I just love every article in them and the challenge they bring.

    Wales: Thank you so very much for the Herald of His Coming. It is Spirit-filled and alive in God’s Word and truth. I am blessed by it.

    Scotland: As a prisoner, I find the teaching in Herald of His Coming invaluable and sound. Christian resources are scarce in prisons and the Herald helps fill that need.


    Thank you for your faithfulness to God and for His anointing on the Herald messages. My faith in Jesus has grown greatly through studying the articles therein. Please continue sending the Herald.


    I would like to appeal to your good office to be enlisted in your regular mailing list. Last month a brother in New Zealand passed to me an old issue of your paper, Herald of His Coming. I read the articles in such back issue of July 2013 and it encouraged my heart to keep on keeping on. Revival is the need of the hour and the messages set my spirit on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ, whose coming is imminent. As a minister I need input to feed me and the Herald did nourish me spiritually.


    Herald of His Coming is a very rich spiritual meal. I pray the Lord will strengthen you more to fulfill the mandate the Lord has given you to reach the lost and encourage the believers. I am very grateful.


    I thank you for the Herald of His Coming which blesses, encourages, challenges, strengthens and builds the body of Christ. Whenever I get the Herald before long I am bubbling, weeping, groaning in prayer, thanking, rejoicing, etc. To those who have given their finances, time and labor, we cannot express our gratitude. ...I am requesting more copies of the Herald because my ministry has enlarged. I have more people to distribute the papers to especially in the villages where there are no postal addresses.


    I have been tremendously blessed by Herald of His Coming over the years. I have had a real prayer revival in my life due to the Holy Spirit working through the magazine. Please send me a copy of the Herald’s daily prayer guide.


    I have received Herald of His Coming many years and I have been very blessed and encouraged. From faith to faith and glory to glory until now I believe that revival glory is coming. May God bless you and use you mightily for His glory and kingdom.


    I have been receiving the Herald paper since March last year. It has been a source of great spiritual blessing to me as I gather precious treasures from its pages and "sit at the feet" of the saints of God, listening to their instruction in the Holy Word, godly counsel and needed admonishments …Please continue to send the Herald to me and may your efforts and gladsome labor bring forth fruit a hundredfold!


    Thanks for the continued supply of Herald papers. I cannot fully explain their impact on my spiritual life. The Spirit of God is truly working through Herald of His Coming to reach parched souls.

    Another writes: What can I say for the great upliftment I have gotten from Herald messages. I have increased in prayer, studying the Word and to strive to offer the perfect sacrifices to our Almighty Jehovah. …I have also been encouraged in my ministry of pastoring and made to depend on God as there are challenges in ministry. I get more focused on God.

    And another: The messages in Herald of His Coming are motivating for these end times. Our members of Home Fellowships appreciate them so much and they yearn for more.


    I just can’t keep my peace when I read Herald of His Coming – especially all the articles about prayer and fasting. When I read about the men of God and how God used them, I say, "Lord, use me too!" I pray every time I read them. I love the Lord and desire God to use me to do His work in this time.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for the past 14 years and it is a great source in my spiritual growth. The messages are truth and are edifying, full of teaching on prayer, encouraging for revival, and alerting to the soon coming of our Lord.

    Another writes: The Herald has made many a dying soul in darkness see Jesus Christ, the Light of the world. I can only imagine us meeting together in heaven as in Revelation 7:9-17, praising God together – people from different nations, tribes and races. "Blessing and glory and wisdom, thanksgiving and honor and power and might, be to our God forever and ever. Amen."


    Ebonyi State: It is always a joy and privilege to receive the copy of Herald of His Coming. Sincerely I have been blessed by every copy I have received and I want to appreciate your effort to encourage the elect, and to build up the body of Christ for this end time.

    Ekiti State: I have been collecting copies of Herald of His Coming from friends to read and the little I have had access to I have been able to share with others too. I have to say that God has been blessing our lives tremendously and our souls are yearning for more copies. This needs to be distributed to souls who are still fresh so the fire of revival can burn.

    Ondo State: I write to express my heartfelt appreciation for the soul-enriching materials I receive every month in Herald of His Coming. They have been a great blessing to my spiritual life and ministry.


    I do enjoy reading Herald of His Coming. It has been a very great encouragement for me. I share it with the saints in church and elsewhere. We do need this kind of teaching.


    Herald of His Coming is still #1 reading for me since 1969 when I was a young woman living in Canada. I have been in full time ministry for over 42 years and find the Herald material relevant, convicting and encouraging. These days are confusing for many, but the messages teach biblical truths that keep it clear and give definition. Thank you so much for keeping a straight path for all to walk by.


    I really do count it a blessing to receive the Herald publication. My walk with Christ is strengthened each time I read the articles in Herald of His Coming. Thank you and God bless you.


    I thank you very much for your faithful delivery of this most valuable newspaper. I have thoroughly enjoyed every page of Herald of His Coming for the past 6 years that I’ve been incarcerated. This newspaper is always a bright shining light in the darkness that is prison life. Thank you again.


    I’m so grateful for all the inspiring articles that are published in the Herald from month to month. The August 2013 issue is one that I keep close at hand. Every Saturday, and throughout the week, my sister and I pray for our lost loved ones. The article written by Al Whittinghill, "We Must Pray For The Lost" is such a vital message. I read and reread it.


    Thank you for the heart-stirring messages in the Herald and for faithfully standing for the truth of God’s Word.


    I have appreciated Herald of His Coming for many, many years. Thank you for being faithful to publish messages true to the Gospel and so helpful in keeping the Christian aware of his need to love and follow the Savior and to repent of any sin.


    I read the Herald faithfully and enjoy every article. The messages have been great enlightenment of how God has provided all our physical and spiritual needs. I grew up hearing of Tozer, A. B. Simpson, Torrey and others. God bless you. Keep publishing these articles on prayer and revival. Christ is coming for a spotless Bride.