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July/August 2015 Issue

Wake Up, O Church Of God!
By Sarah Foulkes Moore

God’s Heart-Searching Light
By Charlie Orr

Lord, Stir Revival Fire In Us!
By Rich Carmicheal

Shining Lights For A Sin-Darkened World
By Fred D. Jarvis

The Gospel And Marriage *
By David Platt

O God, Glow In Us!
By G. Showalter and F. Cox

Let Your Light Shine For The Lord
By D. L. Moody

The Approaching Darkness
By Sammy Tippit

Prayer In The Darkness
By Sammy Tippit

Prayer And The Coming Kingdom
By Dave Butts

Christian Parenting
By Edward Bickersteth

D. L. Moody: Evangelist – Soul Winner (Part 3)
God’s Word Shines As A Bright Light In A Darkening Hour
By Lois J. Stucky

Herald International – Seeking The Mighty Working Of The Spirit
Out Of Mail Box 279


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