"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out of the Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I can’t express how happy I am deep inside when I read Herald of His Coming. Joy springs up inside of me through the messages I have read. The paper is anointed and full of food for thought. I am so excited when I receive my package in the mail.


    Thank you so much for the faithful messages in Herald of His Coming. They are uplifting, inspiring – plain, solid truth.


    Thank you so much for sending me Herald of His Coming. It is a blessing, an encouragement and a guide to a closer walk with God.

    Another writes: The messages in Herald of His Coming are so needful today. I believe we are in the end-times, or very close and the church is asleep. May the Herald continue to challenge God’s people to keep ourselves unspoiled by the world.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for more than twenty years. Thank you for every one of them. I am as excited now when a new issue arrives as I ever was and I pray that every need of the ministry shall be met by our glorious Lord.


    Herald of His Coming really helps me a lot and encourages me in circumstances that’s unexpected. I would like to continue receiving the paper. The messages are helping me deepen my relationship in Christ.


    I have been extremely grateful for Herald of His Coming. The articles have challenged me and built me up all the years I’ve been receiving them. I share my old issues with my brethren that come to my house for Bible study. They love the paper!


    The Herald of His Coming has been a source of inspiration. Its straight forward truth has always helped to put me back on track.


    Osun State: I am writing to glorify God as regards to what He has done in my life and ministry through Herald of His Coming. In every edition of the paper I have seen improvement in my Christian life, especially in prayer. I distribute the Herald in my fellowship and at my shop.

    Ebonyi State: The inspirational writings in the editions of Herald of His Coming that I’ve received have been of immense help to my soul. The messages provoke the inner man to launch further, inspire the soul to yearn higher, stir the spirit to leave comfort zones, illumine the mind to deeper truths and enhance the believer’s focus on eternal things.


    I am so grateful for the good teaching I can rely on in the Herald of His Coming. It is a mighty source of biblical truth.


    Pray for me to live by the writings which I have read in the Herald. I want to live a holy life. I cannot help you financially because I have no job. My job is to pray for the work of God worldwide.


    Last week I was given a handful of the Herald of His Coming papers that I have since read. There were also extras that I was able to take to a rural pastoral training centre. Most of these pastors do not have much Christian reading material at all and when we gave them the few Herald newsletters they were so excited. They asked me if they are able to get more Heralds so that they could also send to other pastors deep in the rural areas.

    Another writes: Please, I can not afford to not have a copy of Herald of His Coming. It has become my spiritual uplifter every time I receive a copy. It is part of my mentorship. I have learned a lot since I started receiving the Herald. I am really blessed.


    For some time I have wondered why the power Jesus promised is yet to manifest in our generation. Then I read in the Herald articles on revival – the urgency, the hindrances to revival and what is to be done. This has increased my desire to pray and continue to pray.

    Another reader shares: For myself and on behalf of the other brethren who have been receiving Herald of His Coming through me, we say thank you. We lack the appropriate words or expression to thank you for building up our spiritual lives and for encouraging and assisting our work of the Gospel.


    Please don’t ever take my name off the mailing list. I cannot do without the Herald because it keeps the revival fire burning in my heart. I wait for its arrival with anticipation.


    How I have missed the Herald – this indispensable tool for revival. Not only I, but all those who used to receive the paper through me miss the heart and soul touching messages in the Herald. Please renew my name on the mailing list.


    Thank you for being faithful to send me Herald of His Coming over the years. It strengthens my faith, my walk with God, encourages me in my daily Christian life and to pray.


    Herald of His Coming helps me learn deep insights about Christian faith, especially on prayer, the Word of God and living a holy life. Of late, I started (with a group of Christian friends) a church ministry. Herald of His Coming is helping me a lot even to minister to the believers.

    Another writes: Words cannot express my gratitude to God for what He has done for me through Herald of His Coming. The ten copies I receive every month I distribute to brethren near and far. I have started prayer meetings and use articles from the Herald to help me with sermons. We meet in homes after church service to pray for revival. God is doing wonderful things.

    And another: I thank you very much for sending me Herald of His Coming free of charge. It has been a blessing to me personally, as well as to my family and the elders of our local church. Reading Herald of His Coming all these days has really encouraged and inspired me spiritually. Even my co-workers are much blessed because of reading the paper.

    Yet another: Herald of His Coming has taught me so much about my life as a Christian and what is expected of me as I wait for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I have shared my copy with some colleagues and they can testify to the same. My husband, who is a pastor, has benefited much from it as well. He reads it and uses some of the information as he prepares his sermons.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming since 2001. I must testify that the Lord has changed my life through the messages in the Herald. I have learned much from it and I have been lifted up spiritually. At the moment I don’t have a post office box so I want you to stop sending the paper until I get another. Meanwhile I will use this opportunity to thoroughly go over the issues I have read before and been keeping since 2001.


    Thank you for supplying our church with copies of Herald of His Coming. Our people have been reading them and are being blessed and challenged.


    The messages in Herald of His Coming are prophetic in their timing and content. They have blessed me and our local prayer team immensely.


    One Sunday I was very discouraged and fearful…but when I went to my study for my daily appointment with the Lord, my eyes fell on an article in the July 2014 issue of the Herald: "Don’t Stop; Keep Going." It was like fresh manna from heaven and I have read it multiple times since!! Thank you so very much!


    I have received Herald of His Coming for a few years now and each issue has been a blessing to me. The messages have always come at a time when I really needed to hear what was printed for that month. I have shared the messages with others and they have asked about receiving their own copies. I am enclosing two requests at this time….


    We continue to be encouraged and challenged by the articles of the Herald. We read the missionary stories to the whole family and have read many articles to our home fellowship. May we all continue to look for our Savior Jesus to return for His own in this world and to cry out for the last great awakening of His Bride.