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Out of the Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    We are ever grateful for the sound teachings and articles we read each month in Herald of His Coming.  The messages have edified and helped us.... 


    I have just started receiving Herald of His Coming from the beginning of 2015.  Sincerely, I am always amazed at its content.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! 


    I am very blessed with the Heralds you have sent to me.  They have made me grow spiritually.  May God bless you. 


    I was introduced recently to Herald of His Coming through a Christian sister.  So far I have read five issues.  I have found the paper very helpful in my spiritual build up and revival.  I have been challenged to change my attitude and be submissive and faithful to God at all times, regardless where I am and what situation I am in.  God never leaves us alone and surely answers our prayers when we obey His commandments. 


    I am very grateful for Herald of His Coming.  It is a great blessing to me and my friends in Christ.  As a pastor I teach God’s Word.  We have a team that is praying for revival in our nation and the nations of the world.  We are using the prayer guide from the Herald to pray for the nations in the 10/40 Window.

    Another writes:  Herald of His Coming is a read that has been quite soul-searching for me – that I should live as though Christ was coming today and the very next hour therefore being on guard that He does not come and find me with things I ought to have done and yet undone.  I am also reminded to have great concern for the fate of my friends who are still in darkness....  It has made me to be more vigilant in evangelism.

    And another:  I thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming regularly.  It has always been a blessing to me and many others I fellowship with.  I have kept every copy in my library which is visited by other brethren who use them as a tool for discipleship. 


    I am so grateful to God for the Herald of His Coming as over the years God has confirmed both His will and His direction on various occasions.  I came into contact with the Herald about 20-25 years ago when working in a Christian bookshop.  A customer would pass back copies on to me which I found to be very interesting and informative.

    Another writes:  I think I’ve been getting Herald of His Coming for the best part of thirty years.  Soon as I finish reading it I leave it in my church for someone else to get and someone always takes it.         


    Thank you so much for faithfully sending the Herald to us.  We are the only English family in our city and we so appreciate the anointed articles in our own language.  Thank you for continuing to challenge, encourage and inspire us.  


    Herald of His Coming has been my source of spiritual nourishment.  The messages encourage me whenever I am discouraged, rebuke me when my legs slip, comfort me in time of fear and tribulation.  Whenever I read it I find myself praying and sometimes in tears.  I feel the presence of the Spirit while I read the messages.  I do not want to walk my spiritual journey without my Bible and Herald of His Coming. 


    The Herald of His Coming is really a paper for revival.  The messages put life into my times of prayer and keep me looking for the Lord’s coming.  The paper makes me see what the Lord expects of us today.  Please keep sending me the Herald to help me with my walk with the Lord and help me in my ministry. 


    I am a missionary in Malawi and it takes a while for the Heralds to reach me.  But not only do I read them, but many after me that I pass them to.  They are inspiring and life-giving to our pastors…they are valuable to all of us so please keep me on the mailing list. 


    I regularly receive Herald of His Coming which I read and then share with other members of our church.  It is a great blessing for us all.  It has helped us in reading our Bibles thoroughly and to understand the secrets of God given to us.  The messages have brought us close to God in our praying and helping us to rely on God’s Word in our daily life.   


    After reading the March and April 2014 editions of Herald of His Coming with some pastor friends of mine, we decided to start fervent prayers especially for revival to fall on our land.  By His grace, we have chosen Saturdays at 3:30 p.m. that we meet and pray until revival falls. 


    Just want to say...Thank you again and again.  The Herald paper is always very uplifting.  I just love it and I pass it on to others.  Would it be possible to get a few more copies?

    Another writes:  How we appreciate the Herald of His Coming.  We receive 10 copies each month and hand them out at our church.  Everyone appreciates them!  We have found that each paper we receive has the theme we need to be concentrating on at that time.

    And another:  I am so thankful for the Herald and its messages that give us a warning to watch and pray. 


    I thank God for the Herald.  The teachings have built us up as we pray for revival in this district and our own hearts too.  We had it in the early 80s but the fires are smoldering.  We need the kind of awakening spoken of in the Herald. 


    I am very grateful to you for sending me Herald of His Coming for so many years!  It is an informative and interesting Christian paper.  Please send me a copy of the Classic Book, God Answers Prayer


    My first Herald of His Coming was sent to me by my brother who is in jail.  The articles have been a blessing to me as well as my brother.  Even though we are separated by distance, my brother and I are so blessed that we can share something that helps us thrive in our Lord.  Please keep sending me the Herald. 


    I read every issue of Herald of His Coming from cover to cover.  The ­articles always inspire, encourage, teach and uplift. 


    I greatly appreciate Herald of His Coming.  It always points us to God’s Word and Jesus the Living Word – that is real truth.   


    For the past year I have greatly enjoyed and been edified tremendously by Herald of His Coming.  I am so very thankful for the biblically sound articles.  Please keep my name on your mailing list. 


    I am blessed so much as I read the Herald every month.  It’s hard for me to lay it down.  I can’t believe that there are Christians who would rather give themselves to the godless things on television than to feed their spiritual souls on the Word of God or things pertaining to the good food in the Herald. 


    I appreciate the timely messages from the Holy Spirit in Herald of His Coming.  I am always challenged and pricked deep in my heart after reading the paper. 


    Thank you for the monthly copies of Herald of His Coming.  I’ve been blessed to receive the uncompromising teachings and knowledge of the articles.  My heart has been refined and my mind has been renewed.  Please send me a copy of The Master’s Indwelling by Andrew Murray. 


    Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am for Herald of His Coming.  The theme for the month is always so timely – exactly the words that I need to hear to get me through.   


    I meet several times a year with a ­women’s group for Bible study.  February’s issue of Herald of His Coming addressed trials and tribulations – which ministered in volumes to us.  And March’s issue on prayer!  The Herald is a greatly appreciated resource!