"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out of the Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page 


    I enjoy reading Herald of His Coming.  Through the paper God has transformed my life.  The articles are spiritual food that I can share with others.


    I have been really encouraged by the messages from Herald of His Coming since I was introduced to it by my friend three months ago.  The messages on holiness and spiritual service to God cut me to the heart and I really desire a deeper knowledge of God.  I have a deeper awareness of my own sin and a desire to grow in God.  I am in ministry and want more passion to seek the Lord.


    Herald of His Coming is so meaningful.  ...God’s time is drawing nigh, signs and wonders appear each new day – yes, a mighty manifestation of His Spirit is what we pray for.  Thank you for the spiritual input into my life.


    I am a teacher of the Word of God and I am deeply touched and blessed by the constant inspirations I have been receiving from Herald of His Coming.  We give thanks to Almighty God for making available the resources enabling you to continue to send us the paper.


    Thank you so much for the free issues of Herald of His Coming which have remained a big source of strength, encouragement, and teaching.  I use the teachings for Bible studies in church, and in my radio and TV programs where literally thousands benefit.  We appreciate and value the teachings in the Herald.

    Another writes:  Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming to me every month.  The messages have helped me grow spiritually.  I have also shared the copies with my colleagues in my place of work and what a great impact it has had on us all.  God bless you.

    And another:  I have appreciated receiving Herald of His Coming since 2012.  I thank God for the articles that carry timely and inspirational messages for the present day church.  I believe that the remedy and solution of the church’s problems is only in prayer and revival.


    We would like very much to continue receiving Herald of His Coming.  We are in the very dry land of the Negev, dry not only physically but also spiritually.  We are so blessed by receiving the Herald every month.  It is refreshing us in our spirit and encouraging us.  We are praying for a revival in our people Israel, in the local body of the Lord and in our small town, and trust the Lord He will do it soon.


    Thanks for proclaiming the truth all these years.  Sixty years ago my mother and my wife’s mother looked forward to Herald of His Coming arriving in the mail.


    Thank you for the ten copies of the Herald I receive and share with my church members.  The November 2015 issue’s article “A Mother’s Persevering Prayer” was timely as I was facing a big challenge.


    The articles in the Herald of His Coming are inspiring and very encouraging in this day and generation.  Please find enclosed a gift to help others have the great privilege to read the Herald and hold on to the hope that its messages proclaim.

    Another writes:  The contents within the Heralds are second to none – so helpful, both challenging and encouraging.

    And another:  I repent of all the wasted time watching TV and doing ­puzzles.  May God make us into a couple who are looking for and hastening the Second Coming, redeeming the time and releasing it into the kingdom of God.  ...Jesus is coming soon, even so come, Lord Jesus!  Maranatha.  We want to be ready.


    Greetings to you, brethren, in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Thank you very much for sharing the precious Word of God through the messages in Herald of His Coming.


    For ten years I have received this wonderful Christian paper.  Herald of His Coming has helped me to grow in my faith in Jesus Christ.  All the past papers I have given to my brothers in prison here in my town and to my brethren in my church.  As I approach retirement age I have a conviction to serve God by distributing more of this material or to provide a place where people can come and read it.


    I have benefited from the anointed paper Herald of His Coming since my childhood.  I read and distribute the paper to my friends.  Please keep on sending me the Herald.


    I am delighted that each monthly copy of Herald of His Coming that I receive carries exactly the requirement of our church.  The messages are amazingly timely.  Thank you very much for the heart to heart word to the church of Christ.

    Another reader shares:  Thank you for providing us these articles in Herald of His Coming which have been a wonderful tool for me and all my family.  The messages challenge believers and bring spiritual food.  I have been challenged like never before to seek God and reach out to others with the message of salvation.  Thank you for equipping, encouraging, uplifting and giving water to many thirsty souls.


    I want to thank you so much for the monthly Herald you send to me.  I praise God for His goodness and faithfulness.  It is through the Herald that I have come to know Christ deeply.  It has been a source of encouragement and blessing for me and my fellow inmates.  I have used it in teaching my sisters in Christ.  Our prayer group now comprises of ten Chinese ­ladies and five from African countries.    


    Lagos State:  I am very happy that you are sending me Herald of His Coming.  I find it interesting, powerful and I am helped to get close to God and read my Bible daily.  Please continue sending me the paper.  I am also sharing it with family and friends.

    Abia State:  It has been a pleasure receiving and reading the monthly copies of Herald of His Coming.  Over the years I have come to cherish the issues and have learned a lot from them.  Praise God whose Word will rise up forever.  Please continue to send to me monthly.  If you can, send me extra copies for my friends who have declared interest.

    Borno State:  Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming to my family and me.  Our family prayer and Bible study have been strengthened through the reading of the anointed teachings and articles.


    The articles in Herald of His Coming truly inspire my heart as well as convict me as a Christian, making me more aware of my responsibility to pray and engage in spiritual warfare and fight for those who are unsaved.  It is so refreshing to read each article.


    I am so thankful for Herald of His Coming.  I have grown much in the knowledge of God over the years from the very best messages based on God’s Word.  You have my heartfelt prayers.


    I am so grateful for the August 2014 issue of the Herald on intercession.  The Scriptures themselves, and their right division by anointed preachers, are the most effective means of setting prisoners free and restoring sight to the blind. 


    Thirty years ago I was working on a prayer line and I found a copy of Herald of His Coming that someone had left ­behind.  I have been blessed by it since. 


    Herald of His Coming still proves to be timely and relevant through the years.  The paper is a blessing and inspiration.  ...I love and value the Word of God.


    I enjoy Herald of His Coming.  The articles build my faith in Jesus.  I am so thankful for our brothers and sisters all over the world who are able to receive the paper.  Someday we will all meet and rejoice in God our Heavenly Father.


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming every month.  Our souls so profit for eternity from the spiritual food, encouragement, admonition and challenge to “fight the good fight.”  We are praying for revival here in northern Wisconsin.