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Commitment To Christ And His Commission

 By Fred D. Jarvis

    Christ must be Lord of our lives.  He must be supreme in our love and loyalty and preeminent in our hearts.  No person or possession must be allowed to come before Him in our affection, attention or allegiance.  We must be able to say with the Apostle Paul, “What things were gain to me, those I counted loss…for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord; for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ” (Phil. 3:7-8).

    In this age of easy believism and permissiveness, let us be sure that we joyfully and fully meet Christ’s conditions for discipleship.  May God possess our purse, our powers and our person.  May Christ reign on the throne of our hearts.  We all must love Him and labor for Him.

    Christ taught us not to please ourselves, but to deny ourselves.  The more we deny ourselves, the more we shall obtain from God.  We must learn to manage our financial affairs with God’s glory in view.  A Christian conscience concerning spending and frugality, must not be a virtue of the past.  Today everything seems to be geared to the fashionable and luxurious.  Far too many Christians have become overindulged and unrestrained in their tastes and mode of living.

    Could we not get along and live comfortably and efficiently without high living and excessive indulgence in the things which gratify our fancy appetites and tastes?  Could we not do without all the trinkets and the trappings, the fads and the frills?  It is time that we set our affection upon things above and not on things of the earth.  It is time we counted the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt (Heb. 11:26).

Materialism – The Foe of Missions

    Let us cultivate a missionary conscience and save money in order to save souls.  We can live on less when we have more to live for.  We become rich by what we give, not by what we keep.  May the Lord teach us to match His faithfulness with ours.  May God give us men who are as generous with Him as He is with us.  Materialism is a great foe to missions.  We who have freely received must freely give.

    Giving is a blessing, not a burden.  We who have been made alive through Christ owe a great debt to a dying world.  Luxury-loving living is a denial of His ownership and our stewardship.  In these days of self-seeking and self-indulgence, let us surrender ourselves and substance to help reach a weary world for our Savior.

    God has graciously given us eternal life, adopted us into His family and made us joint heirs with Christ.  When we were in need, God emptied heaven to meet our need.  He gave His best.  We dare not fail to share the blessings of His salvation.  We must not be still, silent, nor satisfied – until every creature has heard the Gospel!  The river of life must flow to the ends of the earth.  How tragic to continue to dam up its flow to the thirsty multitudes!  We who love the message of salvation must share it with a lost world.  Let us give our time, treasures and talents to our soon-coming King and count no cost too great to spread His Gospel to every creature.

    World evangelism is possible.  It is not the wealth, but the will that we lack; not the manpower, but the motivation; not the resources, but the resolve.

    Let us not be content to bask in the sunshine of God’s love and light and allow the masses of men to languish in darkness and sin.  Let us bombard every sin-sick, sin-darkened part of the world with the life-giving, light-spreading, life-mending Gospel of Christ.  How the angels must weep, how heaven must grieve that we do so little to save a perishing world from hell!

    Christ’s commission is binding upon Christians everywhere and for all time.  Obedience to this unchanging commission is our supreme obligation.  The task is unfinished.  The need is urgent.  The commission is compulsory.  Men around the world are under the curse of sin.  They are born, live and die under it.  How sad that the treasured truth of the remedy in Christ will never once reach the ears of most of them!

 Invest in the Cause that Counts!

    World evangelism is not a peripheral undertaking.  We are under orders.  The commission is clear.  It is essential and not optional.  All Christians should be par­ticipants and partners in the task.  To reject our responsibility is to reject God’s will and favor.  Every Christian must invest his life in the cause that counts.

    Millions of blind, blighted, bound souls live in sin-darkened lands, not knowing why they were born, why they live or how they are to die.  We cannot but plead the cause of these unfortunate millions.  Their darkened minds must be enlightened with light from on high.  Their sightless eyes must see the King in His glory.  Their deaf ears must hear the sweetest Name that men can ever hear.

    This perishing world demands a universal conscription of God’s army.  Christianity means commitment.  We are called to forsake all and follow Christ.  May God help us to accept afresh the true terms of Christian discipleship.  We must fully follow the Lordship and leadership of Jesus Christ.  God’s will must be done upon earth as it is in heaven.  If our Gospel is true we must tell it.  If our experience is real we must spread it.  Our conduct must match our creed.  His precepts must become our practice.

    The call and cost of the Cross are clear.  Let us go farther and deeper.  We need more Christians who are willing to suffer and sacrifice for the Savior.  Sacrifice costs, but it always pays.  We can never out give God. 

 The Supreme Hour of Challenge Has Struck

    Glorious opportunities urgently beckon us.  It is an honored privilege to be God’s instruments to finish the greatest task on earth.  As loyal laborers for our Savior, let us move forward in faith and do our best to reach the untold millions still untold!