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November 2015 Issue

Praying Men And Women Can Turn The Tide
By Quinton J. Everest

Take Heart In These Perilous Times!
The Plumb Line Of Judgment
By Rich Carmicheal
Prayer For Our Nation
By Kathleen G. Grant

God Works As The Church Prays *
By Paul E. Billheimer

Prayer Can Revoke Judgment
By D. M. Panton

The Battleground Of Prayer
The Priority And Delight Of Secret Prayer

By E. M. Bounds

Praying Through For Revival
By F. F. Bosworth

Holiness And Prayer
By Leonard Ravenhill

Prevailing Intercession
Ministry Of Intercession
By  Evan Roberts

The Fuel Of Prayer Is God’s Word
By Andrew Murray

Intercession For The Salvation Of Souls
By  F. F. Bosworth

Family Worship (Part 2)
By J. R. Miller

A Morning Prayer
By Ruth Paxson

Roll Your Burdens On The Lord
By George Müller

"Faithful Is He" (Part 1)
By Helen Western

"Prayer In Perilous Times"
By Lois J. Stucky

Herald International – Lifeline To Missions...In The War That Never Ends
By Don Hillis

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