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The Battleground Of Prayer

    There is only one real battleground today, and that is the battleground of prayer.

    If you start to pray – to pray through, you are going to meet with a real battle in the spiritual realm.  The devil brings drowsiness upon you; he will divert your mind onto something else; he will do anything under the sun to keep you from praying through.  He will get you busy with good things – anything to keep you from praying through.  The devil knows that if you can get your prayers answered you can solve any problem in the world and accomplish any purpose for God....  While preaching has a place in the plan of God, and a wonderful place at that, yet the greatest preaching in the world cannot accomplish one thousandth part of what real prayer can do.

    If we can get our prayers answered we can accomplish anything for God....  A prayer of faith can do anything.  Jesus said, “Nothing shall be impossible unto you” (Matt. 17:20).  The devil knows all this, and for that reason the real attack he is making on God’s people today is an attack against the spirit of prayer – to keep them from seeing the importance of it and really taking hold of God.

    – From Revival Flames.