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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for the monthly copy of Herald of His Coming.  For myself, reading the Herald is a deep, powerful stimulant to believe in revival in God’s way, under His conditions.  It motivates me to become a prayer warrior for lost souls and for more holiness, for born-again believers to give up their carnal lives and live a Spirit-filled life with Jesus! 


    I have been an avid and devoted reader of Herald of His Coming for many years.  I am unable to fully describe how deeply and richly it has impacted my life as a Christian.  The teaching is very anointed, deep and heartfelt. 


    Kaduna State:  I can never stop thanking God for using Herald of His Coming to shape my life.  My hunger and thirst for God’s Word is on the increase and my prayer life has been from glory to glory.  Thank you also for the information about my brethren across the nations of the earth.  May God help, strengthen and empower the church to be on her knees for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit that will usher in revival.

    Abia State:  I enjoy studying the Herald.  The articles rebuke, encourage and challenge me to obey and preach the Word.  They encourage and strengthen me to persevere in faith as I am facing persecution and troubled times.

    Lagos State:  While delivering a copy of Herald of His Coming to one of the people I distribute my ten copies to, I got tired because of the distance I must cover and so I contemplated going back home.  The Spirit reminded me that if the Herald team did not get tired of sending my copies, as well as thousands around the world, I had no reason to turn back.  To the glory of God I made that delivery and the remaining copies too, therefore I wish to pray continually that the Lord will give you all grace to continue providing a source of spiritual encouragement to many.


    I would like to remain on the Herald of His Coming mailing list.  Thank you.


    Each and every issue of the Herald teaches, challenges or reminds me of the sufficiency of the Word of God.

    Another writes:  Thank you for the wonderful messages on prayer and ­revival in Herald of His Coming.  They are very strong messages just for the hour in which we are living.  They wake me up to pray more and to be drawn closer to my loving God.

    And another:  Through the articles in Herald of His Coming, the Lord has set my heart on fire with a passion for souls and to see His kingdom come.  I have been introduced to mighty men and women of valour whose godly counsel I continue to enjoy through their writings.  I am forever changed and my heart is ablaze with the purposes of God.


    Herald of His Coming has been a source of blessing and inspiration.  It has never left me the same....  My prayer for you is that God will enable this ministry to reach out to the entire world and herald out the return of Jesus Christ! 


    I am pleased that I was able to trace this favorite paper online.  I received Herald of His Coming over 30 years ago while I was in high school.  In my Christian formative years, the Herald made all the difference in my growth with the strong foundation of prayer and simple faith in God....  Reading the articles today I am impressed that the messages are as fresh as they were in those years.  I will recommend it to my family.

    Another writes:  I personally am very blessed by the inspiration I get from Herald of His Coming.  I have a group of twenty people in my home church and would like them also to benefit from the Herald....

    And another:  I have been receiving the eleven copies of Herald of His Coming that you send me.  I want to testify that the messages in the paper have transformed my prayer life over the past ten years.  I have been sharing with my church members and pastors in this city and I tell you the messages are powerful. 


    I have been reading Herald of His Coming for a number of years.  I enjoy every article that I read and I enjoy sharing the paper with others.  I also give out past issues and the people eagerly receive it.  The Herald is helping us a lot and is a spiritual eye opener for us. 


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming.  It has helpe me grow ­spiritually and given me courage to speak about Jesus to others. 


    Thank you so much for sending the Herald of His Coming to me.  I have been reading it for over 50 years.  It is a wonderful encouragement and warning paper.  It is greatly appreciated.

    Another writes:  Thank you so much for the Heralds, Right Choice and other literature you have sent.  I share the copies with patients in the hospital, and take literature to the police to share with their staff and the prisoners in the holding cells.  It is good to see how people appreciate all they receive from the Lord.  We are blessed here as people are still generally open to the Lord’s message.             

    SRI LANKA    

    I am writing to thank you profusely for sending me Herald of His Coming.  I have come a long way in my spiritual growth and I am blessed.  I pray that more and more people will hear the Gospel news and prepare for the coming of our Lord.


    The messages in Herald of His Coming have challenged me to change from an old life of rebellion to a new life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Many things which I used to struggle to resist no longer have power over my life.  Continue to send this reviving paper....


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming material we have received.  We share them with the university students, many of whom are involved in ministry.  May the Lord’s name be praised.  We believe the material is helping many as the copies go round.


    I really appreciate Herald of His Coming.  It has no fluff of the modern-day tactics of the world in it.  Just pure Word of God with godly writing from godly ­people.  I need another copy of the February issue (When Sorrow Strikes).  I gave my copy to a friend who needed to read it....


    I cannot begin to tell you how Herald of His Coming has helped me grow ­spiritually.  It has placed a burning desire in me to draw closer to the Lord.  The messages have all been a blessing to me.  I also share them with my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 


    I appreciate the great encouragement that I receive each month from Herald of His Coming to walk by faith, to be devoted fully to Jesus and to obediently serve Him in the power of the Spirit.  I am greatly ­strengthened in these things by the testimonies of the saints who have gone before me. 


    I went to my cell today and found a Herald of His Coming paper under my door.  I have no idea how it got there, but I began reading it and want to read more.  Please add me to the mailing list. 


    Herald of His Coming has been to me an end-time trumpet call from the heart of God to complete and absolute surrender to His will and reign in all things – to do all from Him, for Him and to Him for His glory.  “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”


    I started receiving Herald of His Coming in the mid-nineties.  The Lord saved me to preach the Gospel and I have pastored a church for the past six and a half years.  From convict to preacher.  I received a second chance at life because of the grounded message of revival in the Herald.  If the Lord allowed me to be born again, He can save anyone.


    There is so precious little in the way of serious, timely publications like Herald of His Coming.  I do not know how I found out about you.  I do believe the Lord led me to you.  What a blessing!  The messages are like a cool drink of water from a mountain stream....